Tuesday, September 25, 2007


We're not birders. But these birds--Vaux's swifts-- are pretty neat. Apparently they have some kind of bird internet and on this bird internet there's a message board where they all read about coming to Chapman School. All month they come here every night before sunset and make a big bird tornado that goes down the chimney.

Here's a cool (and short) video from last night.

I started school last night. Microbiology. Micro for short, they say. Nothing over my head. 90 minutes of lecture on the history of Micro and then 90 minutes of lab. (Repeat 2x week for 11 weeks.) Refresher course on using a microscope. I have a cool lab partner, which is a relief. Why does college sometimes feel like PE class and I know I'm going to get picked last for dodgeball. So, instead I choose the seat by the door and wind up with someone cool. Take that, college!

It's a long arduous crowded MAX ride up to Interstate Ave. and then a super quick bike ride, about 7 blocks, to campus. But I think I can find an all-bike route and do that at least one way. Bonus: PB&J for dinner and a bike ride home will help me get skinny again.

I won't have much free time or brain power to spend on the internets (Keith is really upset about that) but I will try to write updates just to keep myself a little more sane.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The weekend of recuperation....ahhhhh

That was this weekend. When we watched TV all weekend (The Wire is good), ate horribly bad (nutritionally) but good (deliciously) food, and only ventured outside to take the dogs out. We were L-A-Z-Y. The last couple weeks had drained us so it was nice to charge our batteries.

Keith's mom flew out to go with us to Idaho over Labor Day weekend. So 3 adults and 2 dogs drove all night across 3 states. It was a little cramped and maybe I should have let the guy @ Dollar Rent-a-car upsell me to the Toyota Highlander, but I just couldn't justify the extra cost. And Monday on the ride home I got a knot in my back and Tuesday I went home early-- in hindsight that Highlander might have been a good choice.

We had a good visit with my family, but it wasn't as laid back as our usual trips to Kamiah. So we're hoping to make it back over for Thanksgiving for some real slow quality time. And I went to my 10-year reunion which was a lot less angst-y than high school, so maybe it's true that we've all grown up a little. It seemed to be. I think I was one of three or four in our class that hadn't reproduced--a distinction I am happy to have. It was really nice to see everyone actually, although there were a few people missing.

I also got to see my friend the day after she had her baby. I called her today to see how she's doing and she was excited to tell me that she's back down to her pre-pregnancy weight----2 weeks later. Sheeeesh. She sounds like she is doing well and Matthew sounds like an easy baby. He sure is a cutie, especially for a newborn. (see slideshow) Matthew's dad is Native American and they gave Matthew Bad Boy Grizzly Bear as a middle name (in Nez Perce). That's about the most bad ass middle name I've ever heard.

Here's a slideshow of the weekend, in summary.

I am getting sweaty palms about the upcoming school year. Classes start in 2 weeks! Today I had a mini-panic attack when I read that my application to the OHSU program is due December 1st and I won't be done with my prereq's until spring, but I was assured that credits in progress are ok as long as I'm done by next summer (when the OHSU program starts). So that's good news.

But that also means I have to take the GRE, get my references/recommendations, and crank out an essay by 12/1. Working full time and taking a full load of anatomy/physiology, microbiology, and human development classes in the meantime means I am pretty glad to have the next couple weeks to do As Little As Possible.

Luckily, this is something I've practiced and become quite good at.

(and I would fail that portion of the GRE in which it is forbidden to place prepositions at the end of the sentence)