Saturday, October 27, 2007

When fall comes on

My brain is firing a little sharper these days and I was very excited to get an A on my first A&P test. (But a B-/C+ on my lab test...booo. Average of B is still good, though.) I feel like I have been through brain summer camp, like when you have 2x day practices before the sports season and then you get the point where your legs don't burn anymore. I have the GRE next week and then I have to finish my application to OHSU. Ten page paper coming up in Human Development (psychedelics and human development--more on that later). Two more A&P tests (and 2 more lab tests), 1 more Micro test (one practicum today then one more). I'm writing this more as a reminder to myself.

Mia was chewing gum the other day. Keith asked her where she got it, but she wouldn't fess up. Then he saw she'd stepped in it and was trying to clean her paw. For once she had minty fresh breath.

"They're like presents on the street." I made the mistake of putting a movie called The Gleaners and I in our Netflix queue. About people who go through the fields after harvest to take the surplus that will otherwise go to waste. Then it morphs into urban gleaning, one guy didn't have to buy food for over 10 years--he scavenged it all. Hadn't been sick once from food poisoning. Still, braver than I. But the main theme of the movie was taking things people had thrown away and putting them to use. One guy said, "I am a retriever." Keith took notes. One day our house will filled with these presents Keith finds. But not in that way of the brothers who were smothered by their own junk.

my super cute husband

My grandpa was a collector. I'd say my dad is a collector. And my husband is a collector. It's an interesting thing.

We're pretty low-maintenance people. Keith's going to meet me downtown where we'll pick up dinner from Vegetarian House and head home....mmmmm... where we'll probably watch a movie on the couch with the dogs and eat chinese food together to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. We picked this date kinda arbitrarily because it's the first date we can both remember going on. Back when we were sneaking around the bagel shop and waking up to Blinded by the Light-volume at 11, sitting in Rick's car at the company barn dance? What was that? I don't know. There was hay in a barn. Oh yeah, it was Benjamin Ranch. I lived near The Plaza and Keith lived out in Lenexa so we split time between the two. Then in January, I think it was around Keith's birthday, we decided to live together. I really don't know what I was thinking. I was 18. He was 28. And now it's been 10 years and that's CRAZY. It's been good and it's been not all that great, but it's good now and only getting better. I'm really thankful for my husband and I keep finding out I love him more.

Here's a slideshow from our dog walk on Sunday. The fall leaves are beautiful here and the weather's been great, not much rain at all. This is the first year I've really liked fall as a season. I used to think of it as the end of summer.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


It was my first week on my new work schedule. Half a day Monday and off on Wednesday, 10-hour days for Tues, Thurs, Fri. The 10-hour days are a little much; I'm gone from the house from 7a-7:30p. But it seems to work with school and giving me time to get homework/studying done. I got an A on my first Microbiology quiz, so I'm feeling pepped up. Keith's been holding down the fort and having trouble occupying his time.

Amanda was in town this weekend to visit friends. We met up at Voodoo, cruised the Saturday Market, and then headed up to the Rose Garden. Keith and I hadn't been up there since last winter. It was very nice, great weather. So, here's a slideshow!