Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Over the long weekend...

Keith got a new bike.
Check out this monster.
I didn't know bikes came this big.
37" tall
Check it out compared to his old bike, the black one behind it.
He says it's the perfect size and he'll keep it forever and ever.

decorated with stickers from Amanda

also, burrito night

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day

With four days left in the month, not counting the unidentified body, 103 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq, according to Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, an independent Web site that monitors civilian and military casualties. (via NY Times)

Saturday, May 26, 2007


found some chalk

checked out the river

carnival @ Waterfront Park

walked home under I-405

Friday, May 25, 2007

Check out my new widget.

The new flash widget from last.fm on the top right.
(Click on the Play button next to the song and it plays a sample.)

The fire alarm went off three times today. No fires. PFD showed up twice.

Roxanne (our apt. mgr.) said there is an opening in one of the other buildings in about a month and the owner wanted to offer it to us first. It's a daylight basement apt on the side street, off Burnside. And there's a little slate patio out there...and we would just have to go out the side gate, not down the elevator/stairs, through the front door, and down the usually-crowded sidewalk.
Very interesting...

Keith's home. Time to forage for dinner.

Black is the new black.

The deal is this: an all white web page uses about 74 watts to display, while an all black page uses only 59 watts. (Links are green now.)

Also, new header!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

everyday, it still feels, like a Thursday, (oooooo)

(^The Futureheads)

Happy Thursday, internets. I VTO'd @ 1:00p today and also all day tomorrow, so I'm rocking the 3-day weekend. Just not the same 3-day weekend as Keith. He has Monday off; I do not. VTO is Initechspeak for Voluntary Time Off, which they offered to everyone on our contract since they're over their billing amount for the month. So I get an email yesterday saying I can have Thursday and Friday off and still have perfect attendance for the month ( = 4 paid hours) and I really planned on staying all day today, but I came back from lunch lessthanmotivated. I just couldn't stop thinking that as soon as I was off work my weekend was starting and then I just thought, Well why not just start now? I mean, come on. Procrastinator!

Looking forward to giving the apt the hose down in anticipation of/preparation for moving in a few weeks. Which we both just assume is still happening. We haven't heard otherwise. Austin, the guy who lives there now, keeps giving us things. He says because Keith is helping him build and move some things. I told Keith to tell Austin just to leave it down there so we don't have to move it twice. The other night he brought over a 50# sack of new rice. He said the rice you get in the store is old rice. !! Did you know this?? I didn't. So new rice takes less water, I guess. Maybe the internets will tell me. He also gave us a bunch of old frames from paintings, he said they came from a hotel? Anyway they are pretty cool and would probably go well in the SatMkt display plans.

cards from moo.com

Received my new cards (see above) last week and I love them. They are fantastically professional-looking, matte finish, great color, good heavyweight cardstock. They're really nice and really affordable, too. You should make some of your own! Plus, they fit (in two stacks) in the business card holder Amber gave me so that is perfect. I think I might start sticking some under some windshield wipers of cool cars I see.

Last weekend we also made a trip to SCRAP. I love SCRAP and I don't go there enough because if I did I would be swimming in random craft supplies that were parts of future unknown projects. And I don't want to get divorced. But!! I was able to score some great things that can be incorporated into a booth/display/tent/thing. Out of two big canvas postal carts full of interior decorator fabrics, leftovers, I grabbed these. Acrylic and polyester, so: easy to wash, no ironing, durable. A plastic grocery bag full for $3. Yup.

not 100% accurate color, but close

In addition: maybe about 80 (I didn't count) 12"x12" swatches--corduroy, polyester, etc. of complementary patterns that I can sew together (with batting) to make awesome potholders. With hex washers on the corner to hang them. For SatMkt! I'll post some photos once I make them, that will be better. Also, I'm waiting for some thread I bought on ebay---metallics.

I'm going to go read. I'm trying to finish Planet Simpson. I need to get it back to the library, pay my fines (an embarrassing amount, but not as much as my husbands'!) and check out some new material. My new Sun Magazine came in the mail yesterday and I read it every chance I got today...walking down the sidewalk... at lunch... on the MAX. I was nearly crushed under an SUV as I stepped out into the crosswalk (with the WALK signal) and I would have been squished with the Sun Magazine in my hand. And Keith would have asked the EMTs if they kept it when they scraped me off the asphalt and he'd read it while they patched me up in the ER. It's good stuff.

Out of last month's issue, there was a great interview with investigative journalist Greg Palast. And, of course, Readers Write (Too Close for Comfort), is my favorite feature. Keith likes the editor's Notebook a lot. Go check this stuff out and you might fall in love.
One of the other real attractions to this magazine: no ads.

No, really.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Technology: Pro and Con

Pro: internet music
I'm totally loving having an mp3 player that can hold all the music I can stuff in it. There's so much music on the internet. Wilco playing live on NPR, for instance. See, how can you go wrong? You can't. Oh sure there's a lot of bad music out there. But it's easier to avoid on the internet. With radio you don't get to choose what you hear and you end up listening to the same 4 Led Zeppelin songs and that one by ZZ Top.

Con: food you have to actually, like, cook
It's a horrible truth. We are crippled without a microwave. When I tried to heat up something to eat the other night and the door wouldn't shut I started to panic a little. But Keith, he's the man, suggested unplugging it and plugging it back in. This is the fail-safe Dummies Guide to Electronics: How to Reset Your Appliance. I heard a Click. And then the door shut tight. But the microwave she was on her last leg. My dinner went, unwarmed, into the refrigerator under plastic wrap. Thinking quickly, like steely-eyed beasts faced with a food shortage, we made a mental list of what we could eat...out of the toaster. Waffles, english muffin, toast.........

This presents a new challenge for us. Do we replace it? Even with one from a thrift store... we have to dump ours. For a maybe-fixable door problem? So I went a-hunting on the internets (at work, this new job it's not so bad) and as soon as I read "discharge the capacitor" my brain shut down and I assumed it was out of our hands. Keith isn't so sure. He gets itchy at projects like this.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

More Yay! than Unh!

Unh! Broken toe as a result of trying to give Keith a hug. I don't know if he's worth it. I taped it to its neighbor toe. Still feeling crippled, though.

Yay! Zompire Undead Movie Festival with our friend Patricio. Some excellent short films, then The Lost Boys (we missed the first part to go to Sam's Billiards, see below), then more shorts.

30 year old Chilean metalhead Patricio
single, or as he says, "Free"

My favorite short film was "Recently Deceased." Watch the trailer here.

Jim doesn’t know how he died or why he’s back from the dead. He does know that he needs to water the plants, take out the trash, and figure out what the missing piece of his to-do-list says before he rots away or his killer kills him again.

It was actually really funny. A sense of humor is important when dealing with the Undead.
See: Shaun of the Dead.

We left before it was over and went out the front doors of the theater to see our bus waiting at the light across the street. Awesome timing. Home, out with the dogs, asleep by 2!

on our way to The Zompire Film Festival
waiting on the #12 bus

this is on E. Burnside looking west

Yay! a new vegan treat--cheese sauce. Not so much a cheese sauce as a cheese-like sauce. But delicious. Here it is featured on a focaccia bread pizza with veggie pepperonis and sausage. Mmmmm.

Yay! We made it to Crane Taking Down Day! We watched the Civic grow up and get a shell and even innards. Then we watched this other building (yellow) go up, all 5 stories. Hoping all the while that we would be home on the day they were ready to dismantle the crane. Because look at that thing, it's enormous.
What happened was: a bigger crane. Kind of a letdown. But still interesting. First some guys crawled up to the top of the crane and loosened all of the bolts or whatever was holding the thing together. (We could hear them with their pneumatic-ratchet-things.) Then this Monster Crane was parked between the Civic and PGE Park and they started lifting it piece by piece. They started Friday night and finished Saturday.

dueling cranes

Unh! Stamps going up AGAIN! I'm always complaining when stamps go up. Why not just round up to a dollar each and give us a 5 year break. With rates expected to go up again this year, they trick you into thinking that Forever Stamps will save you. I don't like their gimmicks. So I buy X amount of dollars of stamps and then either you don't end up using them after all or the USPS goes belly up and then you're SOL. "The agency is in a "death spiral" with increasing rates causing declining volume." Eek!

I had a confusing time with (not) buying stamps Saturday and Keith was getting annoyed at me. So I took a panorama while he was yawning. Then I realize I forgot my bus pass at home, so we had to walk back and get it and then wait for the bus again.

Yay! It looks like we will be moving sooner--like next month. Our Vietnamese neighbor has to be out by the 9th, so then they will paint and do all that. Then we can move in! No more Burnside noise, cooler, a little outdoor space, a change of scenery, new decorating opportunities. So exciting, yes. We were almost swayed into looking at one on the 4th floor on the opposite side of the building from us that we were told has fantastic views. Mt. Hood, the city, all of that. But there's another couple on that hall with 2 dogs and that's just asking for trouble. So we'll stick with our gut and take the 2nd floor apartment. I really like moving. Especially when it's 2 floors down with an elevator. Keith predicts we can move in half a day.

Yay! Loving my new mp3 player, all 6GB. I have put 80% of our music on it, plus friends' podcasts, and other internet radio and it's not full yet. Like that guy on Monty Python who eats and eats and eats: Mr. Creosote.

And now for something completely different.

There are five Iraqis in a boat in the middle of the ocean. Right in the middle of their boat is a huge spike with barbs all around it and razor edges. The Iraqis don't like it being there, but they don't dare remove it because getting near it is very dangerous and, besides, it is kind of holding the boat together.

Forty Americans pull up alongside in a much bigger, better equipped boat, and they see the spike and the predicament the Iraqis are in. Partly because they think the spike is dangerous to the Iraqis, and partly on the theory that it could be dangerous to other boats, they decide they must remove the spike. Five Americans jump in and swiftly knock out the spike, because despite it being dangerous, they have excellent spike-removal tools.

To read the rest of this Thinly Veiled Allegory, click here.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dogs, you are ON Notice!

Let it be known, and I have, that recently there have been some unacceptable behaviors that we need to discuss. And by discuss I mean: LISTEN UP.

Your contributions to the organization are numerous and valuable. However, sometimes a certain disregard toward certain undergarments of a certain member of uppermanagement threatens to disrupt this mostly-harmonious vibe we have going on. I know you will claim in your defense that it is simply your nature that requires you to devour my undies, chewing, endorphins, blah blah blah. However, this is nothing I have ever seen on Mutual of Omaha/Jeff Corwin/Jack Hannah. Dogs do not stalk underwear in the wild.

Please, for the common good, I have to demand that you please stay out of the laundry. (And the trash! I don't need a contact lens case stabbing the arch of my foot any time before it's Turn On The Light Time (after 5:00a). I don't need light to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Unless I am concerned about Bouncing Bettys.)

Apparently this is a common issue (the eating of the garments) with your kind. When I Google "dog eat underwear," there are 1,220,000 results. Frankly, that' s no excuse! You must adhere to the stated rules of this organization if you see yourselves here long-term. Lazlo, you've been onboard longer than Mia and you certainly know what is expected of you in this relationship. Please take seriously your responsibility to be a good model for Mia. She grew up running the streets of New Orleans, for Todd's sake!

Me, having to clean up your puke right now--probably because you ate my underwear!-- I don't consider that courteous at all. Oh, I see, pieces of the kitchen rug, too. Well, I guess that clears up that.

Let's see a change in attitude around here, team. Come on, we're better than this!
I don't want to have this conversation again. Savvy?

Monday, May 7, 2007

News Hounds

More photos from Kansas.com

One thing I don't miss is TV. Anything that's worth seeing is on the internet, or I'm too cheap to pay for it anyway (ie HBO/Sopranos). Keith and I were glued to the news this weekend. I woke up and read that a KS town was demolished by a tornado. But tornados happen there often. Then we saw photos and read more reports of the damage.

"The National Weather Service classified the tornado as an F-5, the highest category on its scale. The weather service said it had wind estimated at 205 mph, and carved a track 1.7 miles wide and 22 miles long." ~Boston.com

Keith, of course, has more ties to the town; it isn't far from his hometown. We've driven through there every time we've traveled from KC to Sublette and back. And it will certainly look different the next time we are through.

Me, my weekend was amazing compared to that. I got to stay indoors when I wanted to, go out when I wanted to, and go grocery shopping and watch movies. I didn't have to hide in a cellar and listen to an F-5 tornado obliterate my home.

From McSweeney's Internet Tendency:

What People Said Tornadoes Sounded Like Before the Invention of
the Freight Train (in Reverse Chronological Order).

Steam locomotives

Horse-drawn carriages

Roman chariots


Really heavy men jogging




In Kansas, the governor said the state's response was limited by the shifting of emergency equipment, such as tents, trucks and semitrailers, to the war in Iraq.

"Not having the National Guard equipment, which used to be positioned in various parts of the state, to bring in immediately is really going to handicap this effort to rebuild," she said.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Weekend Update

West Burnside
waiting on the bus
9:30p Friday

The Bagdad on Hawthorne, home of the Midnight Movie
(actually the eleven o'clock movie)

waiting on the bus to go home
1:25a Saturday

vegan breakfast!
waffles, sausages,
potatoes, toasted roll
carb fest 2007!
9:30a Saturday

new bag, bday gift from my seester!

Let's Go!
Getting our grocery on @ WinCo in Beaverton.

$101 later:
lots of produce and bulk items
some healthy snack items for work
so I don't turn into a cubicle veal

and tonight's sunset started out like this

Friday, May 4, 2007

Brought to you by The Power of Myth

El Sleezo Patron: Hello, sailor, buy me a drink?
Kermit: Well, you see, I'm not a sailor, I'm a frog.
El Sleezo Patron: Oh, cut the small talk and buy me a drink.
Kermit: I don't even know you.
El Sleezo Tough: Hey. Did you make a move with my girl?
Kermit: No, sir.
El Sleezo Patron: He did too. He touched me.
El Sleezo Tough: Ugh. Wash up, you'll get warts.
Kermit: That's a myth.
El Sleezo Tough: Yeah, but she's my "myth"!
Kermit: No, no, myth, myth!
Myth: Yeth?

That's the best myth joke there is. Muppets, so funny.

Team Blankenship just finished up the 3-disc Bill Moyers interview with Joseph Campbell, "Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth." Six hour-long segments each with a different theme, but the overall theme being that myths (including religions) are a manifestation of the life energy that is in all of us, that we're seeking a way to explain what can't be explained... The old Everything is One schtick. When he's talking about these things---the hero myth, creation stories, sacrifice and bliss, romantic love, eternity--it all seems to make sense. And of course when he talked about following your bliss, I was locked in. He says,

"if you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in your field of bliss, and they open doors to you. I say, follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be."

And I really feel that has been happening in my life lately. I've met some random, multi-talented people who not only have the potential to help this come together for me, but they are just plain nice people. Friends. The more energy I put into it, the more I get out of it. If I make a point to invest in it, it will work. Saturday market here I come.

And I can't do anything nearly as well without Keith. He's Research &Development. I'm The Closer. He's also a super awesome ok cheerleader. See:

Spartan cheerleaders

Drugs help, too.

pill freud by Jason Mecier

This week I turned 28. My 28th year was by far the hardest yet and at times I didn't know if I would make it. I learned a lot about myself, and I accepted some things about my role in the universe, plus I have a great husband who was the only rational person here for a while. I am very lucky.

Keith was 28 when we met, so what advice does he have for a 28 year old?
(Inappropriate response.)

Tonight is another installation of the Midnight Movie. This week is The Big Lebowski!

Walter & The Dude

You know what this means: Disco Nap!! (sleeping when ya got something goin' later on that you need to get ready for)