Thursday, May 24, 2007

everyday, it still feels, like a Thursday, (oooooo)

(^The Futureheads)

Happy Thursday, internets. I VTO'd @ 1:00p today and also all day tomorrow, so I'm rocking the 3-day weekend. Just not the same 3-day weekend as Keith. He has Monday off; I do not. VTO is Initechspeak for Voluntary Time Off, which they offered to everyone on our contract since they're over their billing amount for the month. So I get an email yesterday saying I can have Thursday and Friday off and still have perfect attendance for the month ( = 4 paid hours) and I really planned on staying all day today, but I came back from lunch lessthanmotivated. I just couldn't stop thinking that as soon as I was off work my weekend was starting and then I just thought, Well why not just start now? I mean, come on. Procrastinator!

Looking forward to giving the apt the hose down in anticipation of/preparation for moving in a few weeks. Which we both just assume is still happening. We haven't heard otherwise. Austin, the guy who lives there now, keeps giving us things. He says because Keith is helping him build and move some things. I told Keith to tell Austin just to leave it down there so we don't have to move it twice. The other night he brought over a 50# sack of new rice. He said the rice you get in the store is old rice. !! Did you know this?? I didn't. So new rice takes less water, I guess. Maybe the internets will tell me. He also gave us a bunch of old frames from paintings, he said they came from a hotel? Anyway they are pretty cool and would probably go well in the SatMkt display plans.

cards from

Received my new cards (see above) last week and I love them. They are fantastically professional-looking, matte finish, great color, good heavyweight cardstock. They're really nice and really affordable, too. You should make some of your own! Plus, they fit (in two stacks) in the business card holder Amber gave me so that is perfect. I think I might start sticking some under some windshield wipers of cool cars I see.

Last weekend we also made a trip to SCRAP. I love SCRAP and I don't go there enough because if I did I would be swimming in random craft supplies that were parts of future unknown projects. And I don't want to get divorced. But!! I was able to score some great things that can be incorporated into a booth/display/tent/thing. Out of two big canvas postal carts full of interior decorator fabrics, leftovers, I grabbed these. Acrylic and polyester, so: easy to wash, no ironing, durable. A plastic grocery bag full for $3. Yup.

not 100% accurate color, but close

In addition: maybe about 80 (I didn't count) 12"x12" swatches--corduroy, polyester, etc. of complementary patterns that I can sew together (with batting) to make awesome potholders. With hex washers on the corner to hang them. For SatMkt! I'll post some photos once I make them, that will be better. Also, I'm waiting for some thread I bought on ebay---metallics.

I'm going to go read. I'm trying to finish Planet Simpson. I need to get it back to the library, pay my fines (an embarrassing amount, but not as much as my husbands'!) and check out some new material. My new Sun Magazine came in the mail yesterday and I read it every chance I got today...walking down the sidewalk... at lunch... on the MAX. I was nearly crushed under an SUV as I stepped out into the crosswalk (with the WALK signal) and I would have been squished with the Sun Magazine in my hand. And Keith would have asked the EMTs if they kept it when they scraped me off the asphalt and he'd read it while they patched me up in the ER. It's good stuff.

Out of last month's issue, there was a great interview with investigative journalist Greg Palast. And, of course, Readers Write (Too Close for Comfort), is my favorite feature. Keith likes the editor's Notebook a lot. Go check this stuff out and you might fall in love.
One of the other real attractions to this magazine: no ads.

No, really.


lance said...

Thanks for reminding me. I have overdue books too.

Sounds like the booth idea is going well. I can't wait to see the finished product. Good luck.

Van De Graeff said...

Welcome window well neighbor

~aaron & stacey