Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Change of Plans. The Blankenship motto.

Keith accepted the General Manager position at the Grangeville Golf & Country Club, so it looks like we will be weathering the summer in rural Idaho. There are pros and cons, but the pros outweigh the cons right now. The top pros are that we will be able to save up more money to make a better faring in Portland and Keith will get excellent job experience.

I'm trying to get a part-time job as a Mental Health Worker in the area. If that doesn't pan out, or even if it does, I will be spending a lot of time at the town library and taking Lazlo for walks several times a day. Also, taking photos, right. So I really don't have anything to complain about. Except I was ready to move to Portland. But this is just a small delay.

Yesterday afternoon we had to drive to Lewiston to buy Keith suitable clothes and I was able to stock up on a bunch of vegetarian/vegan foods. Might be making that trip every few weeks. Or to Missoula, I guess.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Portland, Here We Come

With a recent boost in our liquid income thanks to the IRS, Keith and I have decided to bite the bullet and move to Portland. We're looking for housing and jobs on the internet...Keith already has an interview for Tuesday. And in preparation for said interview... HE SHAVED!

So we're resting up the rest of the weekend with my parents and headed to Ptown Monday morning. Exciting!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Knock knock...who's there?... Keith Bitches!

I'm sitting at the friendliest place I mother-in-laws' kitchen table...and does it feel good. Wi-fi kicks ass. I haven't posted much but I haven't had much to say. This is going to be random at best but I'm going to start with the Dynamically Gay Duo of Hollywood...Batman & Superman. Those of you who have been to the Chinese theater know who I'm talking 'bout. Superman you really need a shave. Yeah you were nice to my dog but even Chris Reeve shaved while he could. Why don't we try a little harder to represent...okay. Next, a shout to Batman. When you see a complete stranger walking down a crowded street with pitbull in tow lets' not flex our sadly in need of a dry clean cape and try to get a rise out of the dog. #1, the pitbull might snap and eat your face. #2, the owner might snap and join the pit. #3, the owner might not appreciate all the tireless work he's put into trying to break the stereotype of the vicious pitbull by having his go ape shit every time someone or something clad in black comes into focus. This has caused insane barking at the sight of everything from goth middle schoolers to wood burning stoves. You sir, should be keel hauled. #4, when you flex your sadly in need of a good dry clean cape at my dog and it's quite apparent that neither my dog or myself are enjoying it, don't keep following us down the street flexing your sadly in need of a dry clean cape. Next time I'll let him go and we'll see how finely tuned your super powers are. #5, I seriously doubt that Bruce Wayne got his utility belt from army surplus. Lets' spend a little less money on back issues of Bronc and drop some do-re-mi at the prop store. I'm sure it's listed in the yellow pages. Next...Shrek. I didn't know you were just a black guy in a costume. I'm sure it's quite hot in there but let's put forth a little more effort. You sir, would never make it at Disneyland. To the executive management of all roadside fast food restaurants. Yes, vandalism is expensive. Yes, sometimes pay toilets are necessary. But if I have to shell out a quarter to empty my prosthetic I'd rather not do it standing in a puddle of piss. How 'bout having 1 of your fry machine trainees grab the business end of a mop instead of standing outside the front door, with their apron on, giving out free second hand smoke. No Wendy, I won't tell you the name of the restaurant but I suddenly wanted a burrito instead. Thanks to the Marin County Sheriffs Dept. I had totally forgotten what it was like to be sarcastic and rude at the same time. You all really are talented. Instead of being condescending to the uninitiated maybe you could head down to the Sausalito Seven-11 and disperse the Benz full of 15 year old tweakers. To the computer guy in Redondo Beach. YOU sir, kick ass. You were helpful above and beyond anything I expected. You saved me tons of money that would have been wasted in a stressed-out trip to Kinkos and then you didn't charge me a cent. Good karma to you. I would like to thank Antidisestablishmentarian & BigTanky. Unfortunately, neither one of you will be considered for employment by Marin County law enforcement but that's how it goes. I'm sure you two are tired of us thanking you for your hospitality but I have to unroll the rug of gratitude one last time. You gave the weary travelers unfettered access to your inn. You offered VIP tickets to the Laker game. You let us feel up J Lo and offered every courtesy to our dog. I hope your boss kicks cancers' ass and you graduate sum cum loud. I will not rest until I reciprocate your kindness. You treated us far better than FAMILY did. I tip my hat to you. Finally, FAMILY. I have had a lot of time to contemplate my reaction to the unfortunate situation we all encountered. Here it goes. After driving over 100 hours in 10 days and being put on a pedestal by complete strangers I expected a little more. We may have been earlier than you expected but you did expect us. I could have called you at 3:30 a.m. when we rolled into town but even I thought that a little rude. I didn't want a tour, food or money and I certainly didn't want to disrupt your lives. All I wanted was sleep. Precious sleep. The kind of sleep that dreams are made of. I am poor. I choose to live that way. Even my vacation was upper-lower class Mexican. If I could have afforded a hotel room I would have, but I couldn't. I don't own a boat, business or a house and probably never will. What I do own is pride. I shouldn't have invaded your plastic world and I won't ever do it again, I promise. BUT, when you make my wife, your niece cry by pushing your guilt off on her by involving the thought of her hurting her grandpas feelings then you should be ashamed. Please don't waste your emotions or apologies on me. I will never speak of this again, to anyone, for any reason. I have burnt many bridges in my life and will continue to do so. But I never burnt a bridge I might want to re-cross. As I strike another match I say to you...Happy Trails.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

City of Angels and Traffic from HELL

Well, we tripped around LA for a couple days, stayed at Malibu Creek State Park and then with Big Tanky (thanks!). We had delusions of living in LA (as I'm sure many who visit the city do) and then we got on the 405 at rush hour and we quickly came back to reality. We aren't really LA types.

But we had a blast. Visited the Le Brea Tar Pits, Hollywood, downtown, even got to meet two people from Buzznet (the aforementioned Tanky and Anti). They were super generous and gracious and definitely enhanced our LA experience.

Now we're headed north, up the coast. We think we might stop for a day in San Francisco, to see Chinatown if nothing else. Maybe a quick stop in Oakland to see another Buzznetter and then on up to Oregon.

Wireless on the laptop is back, so expect more posts more often. And more photos. Check Buzznet for now, peeps.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Heading to LA

Okay, this is sudden like, but we are back in the States. As nice as it was staring at the ocean in 80° weather, we just got travel weary. Not to mention Lazlo was about to frag.

So on Thursday morning we got up, decided it was best to leave before we weren't having fun anymore, and we hit the road. Drove all days, stopped at nights. Made it across the border Sunday night with no problems or delays. Even though we failed to get an import sticker for our car when we cross into Mexico and we fretted the whole trip that it would sneak up on us and bite us in the ass just when we least expected it. It did not. We were relieved.

So we got what we needed from Mexico and said Adios. It was great and all but it was time to move on. "It's not you, it's me." We ran for the border so fast we didn't even get all the souvenirs we wanted.

We are headed to Joshua Tree N.P. in the morning and on to L.A.! First time for Keith and I both. We are nervous but excited. Who knows what we will see or's up in the air.

Then on up to the Oregon coast to see family. Updates soon. I will force Keith to make the next post. He has some things he wants to get off his chest.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Just another Tuesday

A week passed in Tenacatita (ten-uh-cuh-TEE-tuh). Where does the time go?

We hiked up a small hill this morning to watch the sunrise, but it was a little cloudy. There is some kind of cotton tree here that is in bloom, not what I expected to see in Mexico.

It's best to get up early and do the walking or exploring or cleaning (which we did Sabado/Saturday) before the heat hits. So we go to bed when the bats come out and and get up when the sun comes up. It's not a bad routine, really. At about 11am, the breeze kicks up off the ocean (The Fan, Keith calls it) and it's quite pleasant until sunset.

Earlier in the week we saw some black turtle hatchlings on the beach, but no camera. Dang. Hopefully we will see more and this time I will be ready! We are both too scared to go snorkeling yet. Silly thing to be afraid of. Unless you've seen what's in there! I prefer to think of it as a large salty swimming pool, not a habited ocean, okay. But we've heard from several people that there is a coral reef not to be missed. So we may have to suck it up and get snorkeling.

The owner of our palapa came by today so we were forced (ha) to pay $6/day for the next week and we will decide if we want to stay longer when he comes on Sunday. He was a very nice gentleman and even wrote down his name and phone number for us. The price is well worth it; we've taken over the place like it's our own: hung up a tarp for a privacy curtain, hung the shower, fixed the bathroom situation, added wooden crate cabinets to the kitchen and shower area, wrangled a table from a nearby palapa, bought a rake and broom, hung our Tibetan peace flags and plans for a zen garden are in the works. Real homey like.

We also saw many many hermit crabs on our walk down the beach the other morning, on their way to work or some such place. Who knows with those crabs.

I finally figured out that I'm being redundant posting the same photos here AND on Buzznet, so from now on I will post different ones here. And I think next time I will send Keith down to make an entry. He usually forfeits the job to me, but he's past due. He has stories, too.

Friday, March 3, 2006

Free Palapa

Like Free Tibet.

We´re in San Patricio-Melaque for supplies & internet update. Renting a palapa (palm-thatched shelter) on the ocean, found out it´s free. Sold!

We are great minus bouts of homesickness and the Sick I had Wednesday. I wanted my mommy, but Pepto Bismol was a good substitute. Keith says sometimes he wants to close the door and go inside and have a cup of coffee with Gary. We are enjoying our current spot, though, and plan to stay until we aren´t enjoying it anymore.

More next weekend, when we return to Melaque for supplies.