Thursday, March 16, 2006

City of Angels and Traffic from HELL

Well, we tripped around LA for a couple days, stayed at Malibu Creek State Park and then with Big Tanky (thanks!). We had delusions of living in LA (as I'm sure many who visit the city do) and then we got on the 405 at rush hour and we quickly came back to reality. We aren't really LA types.

But we had a blast. Visited the Le Brea Tar Pits, Hollywood, downtown, even got to meet two people from Buzznet (the aforementioned Tanky and Anti). They were super generous and gracious and definitely enhanced our LA experience.

Now we're headed north, up the coast. We think we might stop for a day in San Francisco, to see Chinatown if nothing else. Maybe a quick stop in Oakland to see another Buzznetter and then on up to Oregon.

Wireless on the laptop is back, so expect more posts more often. And more photos. Check Buzznet for now, peeps.

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