Saturday, March 25, 2006

Portland, Here We Come

With a recent boost in our liquid income thanks to the IRS, Keith and I have decided to bite the bullet and move to Portland. We're looking for housing and jobs on the internet...Keith already has an interview for Tuesday. And in preparation for said interview... HE SHAVED!

So we're resting up the rest of the weekend with my parents and headed to Ptown Monday morning. Exciting!!


ara said...

oh, portland! what news! have you kids narrowed down the living vicinities and such? let me know if you have any questions. i lived in just about every part of town in my 5 years there. i do believe the southeast -- the division or hawthorne street areas -- would be ya'll's cup-o-tea. so excited for you!

kntgrl said...

I love Portland....great bookstore.....Doug Fir....for some music and drinks......I found some nice Vans there once.....and some delicious Thai food.

sounds perfect doesn't it?

RockO said...

wow! he looks way different.