Monday, March 13, 2006

Heading to LA

Okay, this is sudden like, but we are back in the States. As nice as it was staring at the ocean in 80° weather, we just got travel weary. Not to mention Lazlo was about to frag.

So on Thursday morning we got up, decided it was best to leave before we weren't having fun anymore, and we hit the road. Drove all days, stopped at nights. Made it across the border Sunday night with no problems or delays. Even though we failed to get an import sticker for our car when we cross into Mexico and we fretted the whole trip that it would sneak up on us and bite us in the ass just when we least expected it. It did not. We were relieved.

So we got what we needed from Mexico and said Adios. It was great and all but it was time to move on. "It's not you, it's me." We ran for the border so fast we didn't even get all the souvenirs we wanted.

We are headed to Joshua Tree N.P. in the morning and on to L.A.! First time for Keith and I both. We are nervous but excited. Who knows what we will see or's up in the air.

Then on up to the Oregon coast to see family. Updates soon. I will force Keith to make the next post. He has some things he wants to get off his chest.


ara said...

welcome back to the lower 48, dearie!!

kntgrl said...

hey!! did your la thingy happen?

I'm SO outta the loop!