Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Just another Tuesday

A week passed in Tenacatita (ten-uh-cuh-TEE-tuh). Where does the time go?

We hiked up a small hill this morning to watch the sunrise, but it was a little cloudy. There is some kind of cotton tree here that is in bloom, not what I expected to see in Mexico.

It's best to get up early and do the walking or exploring or cleaning (which we did Sabado/Saturday) before the heat hits. So we go to bed when the bats come out and and get up when the sun comes up. It's not a bad routine, really. At about 11am, the breeze kicks up off the ocean (The Fan, Keith calls it) and it's quite pleasant until sunset.

Earlier in the week we saw some black turtle hatchlings on the beach, but no camera. Dang. Hopefully we will see more and this time I will be ready! We are both too scared to go snorkeling yet. Silly thing to be afraid of. Unless you've seen what's in there! I prefer to think of it as a large salty swimming pool, not a habited ocean, okay. But we've heard from several people that there is a coral reef not to be missed. So we may have to suck it up and get snorkeling.

The owner of our palapa came by today so we were forced (ha) to pay $6/day for the next week and we will decide if we want to stay longer when he comes on Sunday. He was a very nice gentleman and even wrote down his name and phone number for us. The price is well worth it; we've taken over the place like it's our own: hung up a tarp for a privacy curtain, hung the shower, fixed the bathroom situation, added wooden crate cabinets to the kitchen and shower area, wrangled a table from a nearby palapa, bought a rake and broom, hung our Tibetan peace flags and plans for a zen garden are in the works. Real homey like.

We also saw many many hermit crabs on our walk down the beach the other morning, on their way to work or some such place. Who knows with those crabs.

I finally figured out that I'm being redundant posting the same photos here AND on Buzznet, so from now on I will post different ones here. And I think next time I will send Keith down to make an entry. He usually forfeits the job to me, but he's past due. He has stories, too.


Patia said...

Oh, oh, oh. I'm so jealous.

AuntieEm said...
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kntgrl said...

sounds awesome!!

Matt & Amy from Canada said...

Ola! Kieth and April, hope all is well. (I'm sure it's more than that!).... (Go snorkeling ya wimps,I did =:p)
Just arrived in Toronto/T.(dot)O.(dot), and arrived home @ 4:20am (sweeeet) from the airport. Checking thing's online and wanted to say it was really cool meeting you two.
We'll stay in touch.

Matt & Amy