Monday, May 7, 2007

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One thing I don't miss is TV. Anything that's worth seeing is on the internet, or I'm too cheap to pay for it anyway (ie HBO/Sopranos). Keith and I were glued to the news this weekend. I woke up and read that a KS town was demolished by a tornado. But tornados happen there often. Then we saw photos and read more reports of the damage.

"The National Weather Service classified the tornado as an F-5, the highest category on its scale. The weather service said it had wind estimated at 205 mph, and carved a track 1.7 miles wide and 22 miles long."

Keith, of course, has more ties to the town; it isn't far from his hometown. We've driven through there every time we've traveled from KC to Sublette and back. And it will certainly look different the next time we are through.

Me, my weekend was amazing compared to that. I got to stay indoors when I wanted to, go out when I wanted to, and go grocery shopping and watch movies. I didn't have to hide in a cellar and listen to an F-5 tornado obliterate my home.

From McSweeney's Internet Tendency:

What People Said Tornadoes Sounded Like Before the Invention of
the Freight Train (in Reverse Chronological Order).

Steam locomotives

Horse-drawn carriages

Roman chariots


Really heavy men jogging




In Kansas, the governor said the state's response was limited by the shifting of emergency equipment, such as tents, trucks and semitrailers, to the war in Iraq.

"Not having the National Guard equipment, which used to be positioned in various parts of the state, to bring in immediately is really going to handicap this effort to rebuild," she said.

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