Monday, May 21, 2007

Technology: Pro and Con

Pro: internet music
I'm totally loving having an mp3 player that can hold all the music I can stuff in it. There's so much music on the internet. Wilco playing live on NPR, for instance. See, how can you go wrong? You can't. Oh sure there's a lot of bad music out there. But it's easier to avoid on the internet. With radio you don't get to choose what you hear and you end up listening to the same 4 Led Zeppelin songs and that one by ZZ Top.

Con: food you have to actually, like, cook
It's a horrible truth. We are crippled without a microwave. When I tried to heat up something to eat the other night and the door wouldn't shut I started to panic a little. But Keith, he's the man, suggested unplugging it and plugging it back in. This is the fail-safe Dummies Guide to Electronics: How to Reset Your Appliance. I heard a Click. And then the door shut tight. But the microwave she was on her last leg. My dinner went, unwarmed, into the refrigerator under plastic wrap. Thinking quickly, like steely-eyed beasts faced with a food shortage, we made a mental list of what we could eat...out of the toaster. Waffles, english muffin, toast.........

This presents a new challenge for us. Do we replace it? Even with one from a thrift store... we have to dump ours. For a maybe-fixable door problem? So I went a-hunting on the internets (at work, this new job it's not so bad) and as soon as I read "discharge the capacitor" my brain shut down and I assumed it was out of our hands. Keith isn't so sure. He gets itchy at projects like this.

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