Sunday, May 13, 2007

More Yay! than Unh!

Unh! Broken toe as a result of trying to give Keith a hug. I don't know if he's worth it. I taped it to its neighbor toe. Still feeling crippled, though.

Yay! Zompire Undead Movie Festival with our friend Patricio. Some excellent short films, then The Lost Boys (we missed the first part to go to Sam's Billiards, see below), then more shorts.

30 year old Chilean metalhead Patricio
single, or as he says, "Free"

My favorite short film was "Recently Deceased." Watch the trailer here.

Jim doesn’t know how he died or why he’s back from the dead. He does know that he needs to water the plants, take out the trash, and figure out what the missing piece of his to-do-list says before he rots away or his killer kills him again.

It was actually really funny. A sense of humor is important when dealing with the Undead.
See: Shaun of the Dead.

We left before it was over and went out the front doors of the theater to see our bus waiting at the light across the street. Awesome timing. Home, out with the dogs, asleep by 2!

on our way to The Zompire Film Festival
waiting on the #12 bus

this is on E. Burnside looking west

Yay! a new vegan treat--cheese sauce. Not so much a cheese sauce as a cheese-like sauce. But delicious. Here it is featured on a focaccia bread pizza with veggie pepperonis and sausage. Mmmmm.

Yay! We made it to Crane Taking Down Day! We watched the Civic grow up and get a shell and even innards. Then we watched this other building (yellow) go up, all 5 stories. Hoping all the while that we would be home on the day they were ready to dismantle the crane. Because look at that thing, it's enormous.
What happened was: a bigger crane. Kind of a letdown. But still interesting. First some guys crawled up to the top of the crane and loosened all of the bolts or whatever was holding the thing together. (We could hear them with their pneumatic-ratchet-things.) Then this Monster Crane was parked between the Civic and PGE Park and they started lifting it piece by piece. They started Friday night and finished Saturday.

dueling cranes

Unh! Stamps going up AGAIN! I'm always complaining when stamps go up. Why not just round up to a dollar each and give us a 5 year break. With rates expected to go up again this year, they trick you into thinking that Forever Stamps will save you. I don't like their gimmicks. So I buy X amount of dollars of stamps and then either you don't end up using them after all or the USPS goes belly up and then you're SOL. "The agency is in a "death spiral" with increasing rates causing declining volume." Eek!

I had a confusing time with (not) buying stamps Saturday and Keith was getting annoyed at me. So I took a panorama while he was yawning. Then I realize I forgot my bus pass at home, so we had to walk back and get it and then wait for the bus again.

Yay! It looks like we will be moving sooner--like next month. Our Vietnamese neighbor has to be out by the 9th, so then they will paint and do all that. Then we can move in! No more Burnside noise, cooler, a little outdoor space, a change of scenery, new decorating opportunities. So exciting, yes. We were almost swayed into looking at one on the 4th floor on the opposite side of the building from us that we were told has fantastic views. Mt. Hood, the city, all of that. But there's another couple on that hall with 2 dogs and that's just asking for trouble. So we'll stick with our gut and take the 2nd floor apartment. I really like moving. Especially when it's 2 floors down with an elevator. Keith predicts we can move in half a day.

Yay! Loving my new mp3 player, all 6GB. I have put 80% of our music on it, plus friends' podcasts, and other internet radio and it's not full yet. Like that guy on Monty Python who eats and eats and eats: Mr. Creosote.

And now for something completely different.

There are five Iraqis in a boat in the middle of the ocean. Right in the middle of their boat is a huge spike with barbs all around it and razor edges. The Iraqis don't like it being there, but they don't dare remove it because getting near it is very dangerous and, besides, it is kind of holding the boat together.

Forty Americans pull up alongside in a much bigger, better equipped boat, and they see the spike and the predicament the Iraqis are in. Partly because they think the spike is dangerous to the Iraqis, and partly on the theory that it could be dangerous to other boats, they decide they must remove the spike. Five Americans jump in and swiftly knock out the spike, because despite it being dangerous, they have excellent spike-removal tools.

To read the rest of this Thinly Veiled Allegory, click here.

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stephen said...

NO! Don't tell me I missed the Crane Taking-down!! Damn it! I go by the Civic about once I week but always assume the crane is still there.