Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Over the long weekend...

Keith got a new bike.
Check out this monster.
I didn't know bikes came this big.
37" tall
Check it out compared to his old bike, the black one behind it.
He says it's the perfect size and he'll keep it forever and ever.

decorated with stickers from Amanda

also, burrito night


stephen said...

he's got me beat by a half-inch...my frame is 36.5" high but that could be cuz I have 26" rims...cool bike tho'. Are you two doing the Night Ride this year? July 7th

KBAB said...

i would love to. remind me!!

stephen said...

okay, will do...if i remember

here's a link to the NightRide

Van De Graeff said...

I saw a lady yesterday who was probably 7 ft tall riding a bike. Are you missing yours? Do you mind if I blogroll you on my blog?


KBAB said...

aaron--ha we have 3 bikes in our living room right now. all accounted for.
yes, please add me to your blogroll if you want. and thanks!