Saturday, May 5, 2007

Weekend Update

West Burnside
waiting on the bus
9:30p Friday

The Bagdad on Hawthorne, home of the Midnight Movie
(actually the eleven o'clock movie)

waiting on the bus to go home
1:25a Saturday

vegan breakfast!
waffles, sausages,
potatoes, toasted roll
carb fest 2007!
9:30a Saturday

new bag, bday gift from my seester!

Let's Go!
Getting our grocery on @ WinCo in Beaverton.

$101 later:
lots of produce and bulk items
some healthy snack items for work
so I don't turn into a cubicle veal

and tonight's sunset started out like this


Roarlikedinos said...

I hit next blog from my own blog and saw these pictures and instantly recognized portland! These are beautiful pictures by the way.

kntgrl said...

cubicle veal...har har

you are stylin' in your new bag and shoes!

I'm gonna hit the matinee this week for "Inland Empire"!!

you rednq you!!