Sunday, June 17, 2007

Short Week

As we get ready to take a 4-day'er to the coast this next weekend...
a lazy post.

My friend Amber got her Master's this weekend.
Congratulations, smarty pants!
(She was valedictorian of our HS class 10 years ago.)

We stopped for a few minutes and watched
them move The Carriage House,
slower than a turtle and attracting a crowd.
"The Ladd Carriage House, regarded as one of the most important historic structures in downtown Portland, will move three blocks west this morning. The house will return to its historic site late next year, on top of a new underground parking garage. The 55-foot-tall, 530,000-pound building will be pushed to Southwest Columbia Street about 6 a.m., and then will be moved from Southwest Broadway to Southwest 10th Avenue."
More on the move at The Oregonian
including a time-lapse video of the move
(which is pretty awesome!).

The Old Church
Built in 1883
The location selected drew severe criticism from some members
who said it was much "too far out in the country."

Getting anniversary dessert from St. Cupcake last Sunday

NEXT week: photos from the coast!

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