Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Drive drive drive

The deal with working in the mental health field in rural Idaho is that the people who need services don't all live in the same town or even a 25 mile radius. Driving is a requirement if you want to see people in their real daily lives. I've been led to believe that most if not all of my clients will be in Grangeville. In the meantime, if anyone wants to send mix CDs* to make the driving tolerable, here is where to send them:
222 E. South Street
Grangeville, ID 83530
*no mp3s, my car doesn't play them
Gracias. Radio here makes me want to slit my wrists. See previous posts. And I just can't justify satellite radio. Yet?

Our little house is slowly starting to look and feel lived in, despite our lack of furniture. Well, if a nylon fold-up camp chair and a plastic folding chair count, we have 3 things including the TV tray. My parents come to visit and don't have anywhere to sit! This is a major crisis in my mom's eyes. So they bought us a 2nd hand yellow formica/chrome 50s style table and it sounds awesome--we don't get it until May, but it sounds awesome. Then we're going to scour Grangeville's summer yard sales and see what other treasures we can find. I put magnets on the fridge and got out our Dwelling Unit sign, so you know we are moved in.

Keith had 3 days off in a row due to Inclement Weather and he actually went out the club today but saw only 1 or 2 people the whole day. He was a little bored and I was sitting in Nez Perce in the kitchen of a client, wishing I was home, too. Good Boy Lazlo has been very well-behaved, even staying in the house while I am gone (sometimes 7+ hours) and not chewing or pooping or starting fires or anything. What have we done to deserve such a good dog?


lance said...

I love that sign!

RockO said...

life sounds real good. ...hey man, i'm always up for garage sales on saturday mornings...ever since i was like 10 years old.