Thursday, April 20, 2006

I might need to cry a little.

Something bad has happened. Our laptop, sole guardian of all Mexican photos has Xs for eyes, has kicked the bucket, has bought the farm, has gone to laptop heaven. For no apparent reason. It's the horror story we all dread: in perfect health one day and dropped dead the next. We won't go into how angry I am. Mostly I am just sad. I called a local PC repair guy and he said he can try to recover what's on the hard drive. Operative word here is try. I'm not holding my breath. But I am secretly praying to the God of Hard Drives, futile as that may be.

Recompute Computers of Missoula, MT: get bent.
On a lighter note, the sun was out today and I put on my Chacos!


RockO said...

oh no! i so what the feels like. shit...i will pray to my laptop gods for it.

RockO said...

ok i'm an idiot, i meant to say, "i so KNOW what THAT feels like," but i'm stoned so i'm an dumb right now.

RockO said...

...AND thaaan i meant to say, "so I'M dumb right now" not "I'm AN dumb right now"

ok i need to stop

kntgrl said...


ughHHHh......mebbe that guy will find somethin.
sorry about that.

lance said...

oh no! well, there's a good chance that he'll be able to recover the hard drive. if he can't there are places you can send it off to that can, but those can be expensive.

at least you have all those really cool ones on flickr still. i hope they can recover your hd. i'll pray for it ;)