Sunday, June 11, 2006

5th anniversary is wood.

(This is my favorite photo of Keith, taken in Tenacatita, Mexico.)

Yesterday Keith and I made the Big 5.

5 recorded with the State of Idaho, although we are approaching 10 years together.

I'm still learning about him. And appreciating him more and more. And hoping we have each other for maybe 75 more years, even if one of us has to been cryogenically frozen like Fry on Futurama.

He makes me laugh and think; and he's encouraging me and supporting me even when I don't feel like being encouraged or supported.

We were camping on our anniversary and we didn't exchange gifts, but we sat around a campfire, so let's count that as wood. If I had some money to spare, I'd buy him a
Pirolette from this site. 'Cause I'm cheesy like that and game for anything handmade.

I feel so lucky right now. It's been a good 5, but I think they're only going to get better.
xoxoxoxoxoxox KB. Love, Ape.

1 comment:

RockO said...

Happy anniversary.
you are one lucky girl to have found someone to share your life with. to have someone to love who loves you is so enriching, motivating, inspiring.... you have pretty much everything you need in life. i wish you many more happy happy years together!!! GO TACOS!

now i´m going to go stick my head in a toilet because i´m single with no one to love.