Sunday, July 16, 2006

We have arrived.

Rolled into Portland this afternoon. Uneventful trip. Almost got cried on this morning leaving mom and dad's. It's going to be lonely without them. Spending time with them was a great gift for us. Although we're looking forward to being just a family of 3 again, it was hard to leave this morning.

Columbia River

Took Lazlo to a dog park this afternoon and he played with a cute little girl cow dog for a bit. It was warm and sunny but cooler than it has been in ID. We've decided that living within walking distance of a dog park is our #1 criteria for a dwelling unit. Let's hope we find one quick.

Keith's meeting his potential employer at 11 tomorrow. I don't know what I'll do....walk Lazlo and take photos, I guess. Call on some apts. Etc. Internets. Etc.

Okay, nite nite. More updates as they develop.

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kntgrl said...

I hope the apartment situation has sorted itself out by now.
what's the outcome?