Sunday, October 8, 2006

Just this side of crazy (just)

We watched a couple movies this weekend that reminded me: as much as I think I struggle sometimes to keep it together, I am not really crazy in that institutionable way (which is the only way it really counts if you're talking Crazy).

First, The Devil & Daniel Johnston. I've been a fan of Daniel Johnston since I was in high school and heard him for the first time. And I knew he had mental health issues. But this documentary we watched just blew me away. He does the whole Satan/God thing, threw his father's airplane keys out of the plane while they were flying, etc. Brilliant songwriter/incredible singer (in that off-key cracking way)/certifiable nut. Great combo if you think about it. Does being Crazy get you more play in the artist community? It doesn't seem to hurt.

Kurt Cobain wearing a shirt of Daniel's first tape

I've often wondered that, but haven't committed fully to checking it out. There's always the rent to pay. And Crazy don't pay the rent. So I save that scenario for What To Do After Keith Is Hit By A Bus And I Have to Make It In the World Alone (which, by the way, could happen).

Second: Edmond. I love me some William H. Macy. But in this one he goes a little nuts and beats up a pimp, slashes Julia Stiles, and ends up sharing a bunk with a black man in prison.

So, yeah, could we rent some movies that aren't so depressing? Repeat: I am not crazy. I am not so crazy.

In other mental health-related news: I have made progress toward getting my medical bills reduced. I told them flat out I didn't think the prices were reasonable for the (lack of) services I received. So I don't know where this will end up, but it's in the works.

And in deflecting-the-rain news: I ordered this jacket off today.
And I only noticed at the checkout that there was a Bible verse across the heading. Which turned me off. But I was 75% done ordering a nice Columbia coat for $70. So I went ahead. But I will remember their leanings when/if I go there again. On the other hand, they are environmentally-conscious, so, what, it's a wash? Maybe.

Reminds me of the Buy Blue directory.

Okay, from one semi-crazy (or two) to all you people out there in the Internet: goodnight.


ara said...

daniel johnston! my friend kure (pronounced curry) spent the night with him once (she was with her boyfriend, a photographer) and they went to ihop and wal-mart. eee!

RockO said...

thanks for the update, glad your getting bills paid.
and's ok to be crazy in a world like this. I think it's crazy not to be crazy.

kntgrl said...

speedy motorcycle......

mebbe you're crazy in the Wesley Willis kinda way?

ok, nah.