Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Many activities of the Blankenships fall into these categories, sometimes---ok, most of the time--simultaneously.

Most recent case in point: connecting to the Intertubes. I'm no Dungeons and Dragons nerd, but I can usually operate the necessary computer components to get me what I want: online. But connecting the wireless router to have internet access on the laptop stumped me. Stump the Chump! All last night I fretted and stewed and contemplated and searched tech forums far and wide. No go.

Tonight Keith got home after I'd just gotten off the phone with Comcast, clinging to a bit of hope about the solution. Again, we had 100% signal strength but Firefox wouldn't open. Keith walks over to the router and says, "Maybe these are plugged in wrong."


Keith is even less technologically minded than I am. But he cracked the code!!
I sleep/eat/live/walk dogs with a regular John Nash. (We just watched A Beautiful Mind again last week.)

Okay, so the point is:
We have 2 internets!

And now:

Yesterday Keith woke up and wasn't feelin' it.
"It" being work.
So he called in. And I am lucky enough to have flexible hours at my job so I went to work for a few hours and I'll pick up what I missed later in the week. We both rationalized Not Working On a Monday (Excluding Holidays) by saying that soon I will be really busy and we won't have as much quality time together and...who cares. Mondays are for losers.

The Big Lebowski: You don't go out looking for a job dressed like that? On a weekday?
The Dude: Is this a... what day is this?

We had a lengthy list of items to accomplish and we only got to mark off one. Body Worlds.
If you don't know what Body Worlds is and you aren't clicking on that link right there, here's a synopsis: "people skinned and put into plastic," says Keith. Seriously, though. It was weird and cool and not as gross as I thought it would be. But I am still processing what I saw. My favorite was the camel, which was a surprise toward the end.

That's one camel head/neck cut into 3 sections.
And baby camel.

soccer player
an example of the human specimens
but they are all in different poses
and have different things exposed

The creator of plastination,
Professor* Gunther von Hagens
on the right
*2 honorary professorships

There is some controversy around the show and von Hagens himself. Of course, many religious institutions object but that seems to stem from their belief that the soul is integral to humans and not represented by these mortal bodies. Well, fine. Can't we just appreciate them as bodies? They are fascinating, intricate machines.

The other arguments against Body Worlds (cited from the mildly reliable Wikipedia) are more serious to me:
  • In October 2003, a parliamentary committee in Kyrgyzstan investigated accusations that von Hagens had illegally received and plastinated several hundred corpses from prisons, psychiatric institutions and hospitals in Kyrgyzstan, some without prior notification of the families. Von Hagens himself testified at the meeting; he said he had received nine corpses from Kyrgyzstan hospitals, none had been used for the Body Worlds exhibition, and that he was not involved with nor responsible for the notification of families.
  • In January 2004, the German news magazine Der Spiegel reported that von Hagens had acquired some corpses from executed prisoners in China; he countered that he did not know the origin of the bodies and went on to cremate several of the disputed cadavers. German prosecutors declined to press charges, and Von Hagens was granted an interim injunction against Der Spiegel in March 2005, preventing the magazine from claiming that Body Worlds contain the bodies of executed prisoners.
Also, just look at the guy.

What else.
We took an impromptu bike ride and covered a lot of ground. We realized we didn't have any lights a little to late, but we were lucky to make it to a MAX station and ride the train home.
Keith found a mini bike.
Watch him try to ride it.

Bah ha ha!!
We saw 2 gay cowboys getting out of an oversized mantruck and go into the PPAA (for a dance? the internet was not much help). I was too chicken to ask to take their picture, so we circled around and got one of their truck.

We finished moving into our new apartment. It still needs some work, but we're all in.

We experimented with cold brew coffee. And we are converts! (Our third favorite activity, converting.) It takes some time and a little effort but the acidity in the coffee is zero and you can make it in bulk and enjoy it for weeks. It's delicious. And, because I love you---yes, you---here's the secret recipe.

Keith ranted about something as we were riding across the perpetually-under-construction Burnside Bridge.

Isn't he adorable?

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lance said...

I think that if I had the chance I would probably go to the Body Worlds display. I read about this a year or two ago, and I have mixed feelings. It's mutilated dead people, but also facinating machinery. Just thinking about it, I'm both repulsed and intrigued.

If you are down for exploring some good coffee, I highly reccomend trying some home roasting. Just get a sampler pack from Sweet Marias, and roast it in a skillet. The fresh roast really makes a difference. It smokes a lot so be ready.