Sunday, July 1, 2007

OK, wrap it up.

Last remnants of the weekend @ the coast...

We were nearly eaten by a large caterpillar!

Then some squids invaded, with a pink owl.

This local resident was shocked at what he had seen.

some digging and socializing

Sand Mouth

the other covered bridge we found

let's get these doggies rollin'

Fourth of July is coming up and we might or might not be able to watch fireworks @ PGE Park from the table, depending on which apartment we're in by then. We fully expect the dogs to go berserk, so I don't know what we have planned. The Blues Festival starts Wednesday so we might try to catch some of that next weekend.

I'll miss the views and the people watching when we move, but the traffic and drunk fray boys down on Burnside, not so much. Today I watched a cop sit in his car in the Starbucks parking lot for over 30 minutes. Makes you wonder who's watching you when you don't realize it... And the construction workers at the apartment building this side of the Civic are still plodding along, so soon whoever lives in this apartment won't be able to walk around naked at all. Good thing we're moving.

The next big excitement, after moving, will be going back to my hometown for my 10 year high school reunion over Labor Day weekend. Eeek. And even more exciting--and a little scary--I'll be picking up 17 credits Monday and Wednesday nights and then Saturday from 9-4 at the local community college beginning mid-September. I have to take 9 200-level classes in order to apply for a program @ OHSU. I'm hoping to have them all completed or in progress by summer '08 to start their 3-year accelerated program to become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Nursing is one of the best fields to be in right now and will probably stay stable, if not grow, for the rest of my working life. So, in order to live in a small town comfortably, I'm going to take 4 years now and get a graduate degree in nursing. It's a little intimidating, knowing I will have to study and be disciplined, but the payoff will be so great--that will keep me going.


stephen said...

aha! so that's what the 4-year plan is...excellent! which bands are you two going to see? I'm definitely going to see Eric Burdon...he's still pretty good in concert (well, he was when I saw him 5 years ago)

Working Girl said...

Good luck with your studies! I did an accelerated BSN program for students who already held bachelors degrees. It was ass-kickingly, mind-crunchingly time consuming, but not really academically difficult. Anyway, I got through it. I'd be very interested in knowing what kind of job opportunities you're looking at with that specialty! I'm in women's health, but psych nursing was my other love...

girlvet said...

There is such a need for practicioners in the mental health field, that you will no trouble getting a job. Good luck.

RockO said...

wow! that's awesome. you're right though about the nursing thing...and you'll make decent money doing that. ooooh graduate school...can't wait to read your blog when we're going through it together.
so this cop guy...half hour in the parking lot. what was he doing? just staring into oblivion too. i wonder how many times we all just stare doing nothing...staring and doing nothing together in the universe. yeah.

KBAB said...

yeah i have no idea what he was doing. they're at starbucks all the time. he talked to a couple of people in the parking lot. maybe he was on lunch or something.