Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sauvie Island Sunday

We took a Zipcar (Flexcar's new pal) to Sauvie Island. (Sans dogs. We have to put them in a crate and we gave ours to the neighbors...) No problems with the Zipcar other than I have to re-learn to drive every time I get behind the wheel. It is not like riding a bicycle. I think I am still gun shy from the Prius Accident. The sky was clear and the sun was out. It was great to get out of the city. We found several possible bike rides and planned to get the bikes new tires and tuned up. We found a caboose right off the road on the way and decided to explore it. Now Keith wants to live in one. It was pretty cool. Then we drove around the island and came home. Pictures below.

Acceptance/rejection letters from OHSU are going out in the mail this week so in a few days I will be dealing with crushing disappointment or crushing pressure.

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Slovenian Gypsy said...

Gee, how small is this world. Was on flickr browsing for S-Island Photos... found your photostream... then your blog.... now I'm reading you drove with that zipcar to the island last weekend.... he he.... I, a stranger to you and you a stranger to me, I saw that zipcar parked on the island on that day and thought: "Now, that's a neat idea... to take it on a ride, not just use it for work-related purposes!" (Didn't see you guys though).
Cool. How small is the cyberworld.
Nice pics, by the way.
I always see that caboose, but never looked inside. Great someone took the time to take pictures!!