Sunday, January 29, 2006

leaving Twin Falls, ID

Well, we made it to southern Idaho. The roads were crap, averaged about 40 mph the whole way. More of the same today as we head south to Provo, UT. Phoenix is in the middle of a 100+ day drought and that's what we are looking forward to!

Mom and Dad were so great this past week. They were sad to see us go, but excited for us. A little nervous, too; you can tell by mom's expression.Yesterday was Keith's birthday, too! 37!


Amanda said...

haha....I'm sure mom appreciates this picture. Love you guys! Give Lazlo a kiss for me.

s1 said...

what a photo, what a photo.
you just feel some hst story forming with it.
...we were somewhere outside provo. our fuel tanks were low, the pick-me-ups hadn't kicked in yet. oh, f*** to rations.

i feel it.