Monday, January 16, 2006

Leg 1 of The Trip: Coeur d'Alene

Keith and I are counting this as Leg One of The Trip since we are both officially unemployed and we're leaving in one week. We're eager.

We went to northern Idaho this weekend to visit my seester Amanda in her new (very cute!) apartment that overlooks Lake Coeur d'Alene. This was the sunset from her living room.

We went thrift store shopping, but didn't find much we couldn't live without.
Except some
shiny surfaces and a cool mural.

We let the dog run on the beach at the lake

(hopefully the last beach we see with SNOW on it!),
ate at a couple greasy spoons,

and saw a very creative hotel.

And on the way home, we stoppped at the Old Mission near Cataldo, ID. It is said to be the first building in Idaho, built between 1850-1853. Just the size of the thing made me think of what kind of statement the missionaries were trying to make.

Now just one more week of school (it's getting hard to concentrate) and then we will head over to my parents' next Monday with all of our wordly belongings, one dog, and 2 cats we are going to beg them to foster.

We're packing up everything we don't absolutely need, making lists, trying to sell the Ranger, forwarding mail, paying bills, all the stuff you do before you move. And counting the days, of course.


Anonymous said...

wait. i'm so confused. you're MOVING, too?????
are you moving right after mexico? as in coming back from mexico and then moving? i have something for you - i need an address.

Anonymous said...

that was me - shawn :)

kntgrl said...

wow, excitement.
guess you'll have to visit me at my blog.....

: (

RockO said...

big time
big change!
Make sure you blog more CAN'T JUST DISAPPEAR YOU KKNOW!