Friday, January 27, 2006

Wrapping up the week in Idaho.

Some great friends from Missoula helped us cart all of our belongings over here and stuff them in an almost-too-small storage unit. ("Why did we keep this?") Since then, we've been vegging, dogging, unpacking and repacking. Vacation is growing on me.

We spent this week with my parents and so our adventure
really begins tomorrow morning. I still can't believe it. I'm sure it will sink in as we're having a fight somewhere in desolate UT, just the kind of place one doesn't want to get left.

No photos to post b/c the laptop doesn't have internet access here and that's where the photos are, but as soon as we get to Boise there will be a deluge of photos. Warning you now. (Mom says they have wireless at her work--may try that later.)

The weather's been good. Sunny; cool, but no snow. Heard the roads were good to southern Utah. Boise> Zion> Bryce; hopefully it will warm enough to camp somewhere before we leave the States. Maybe in AZ?

Lazlo's been enjoying his freedom and we're reluctant to put him in the car for 6 hours (min.) tomorrow. Hey, it's vacation. Don't complain.

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