Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Adventure! Aventura de el Domingo!

Keith said we should start doing mock magazine covers for our weekend adventure. Sounds time consuming.

But intriguing. I do need to beef up my PhotoShop chops. I've decided to manifest a creative job for myself. (I am quitting my personal asst job.) So far I've applied for only creative stuff--photog intern, typesetting, glass blowing shop helper... I can work for less if it means I actually want to get up and go to work. That's a benefit that does not translate to wages. So I've checked out some books on how to be better at what I feel I am moderately okay at: turning photographs into something more. I plan on incorporating some more complex PhotoShop tricks, design elements, etc. Plus textures. Anyway, as I look for a creative job, I am also brainstorming how to make money freelancing. A lot of good ideas out there. A lot of coffee shops wanting to show art. Etc.

Today's adventure:
We found a scanner on craigslist for only $60 and it does slides, too (not in violation of The Compact since it's used). Keith has a bunch of slides from his dad's childhood, traveling around the country (i.e. Disneyland, CA Redwoods, etc.)

The guy with the scanner was in Sellwood. He tried to sell us a futon, too, which we could have used. But it would have been hard to fit on the bus.

We took a couple of buses. We are really getting some good orientation around different parts of town.

Click on this for a larger version. Really worth it.

Tried a panorama on the fly while waiting for the 70. Used AutoStitch to put it together. Surprisingly simple. This was made with 5 photos I took leaning up against the bus stop sign for a stable POV.

Made some more paper and got some more Year in Review letters out. It's still January, right?

Keith made a score over by a market near us. This Sid & Nancy poster. Classic. Nothing like livening up a Portland winter by hanging two heroin junky co-dependents on your wall. Something to aspire to.

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