Sunday, January 14, 2007

Thinking HARD

Keith came home from the laundromat to find me poisoned by bathroom cleaner fumes (no kidding! that stuff is toxic) and suggested we go "out." My brain was atrophying and I tried to argue, but he dragged me out and as soon as I hit the cold fresh air I was feeling better. Hmm...

We threw caution to the wind and hopped on the MAX for Parts Unknown.
Or Gresham, whichever came first.
We saw a lot of new country and started planning on checking suburbs for rentals next spring/summer. (Yes, ugh, the suburbs. For the doggies. They need a yard. But also: usually cheaper.)

In between listening to random incoherent coversations (never a shortage of those on the MAX), I picked up a Tribune and read a review for a restaurant that had veggie sliders. We'd been talking about where/what to eat for about 45 minutes and this place sounded good so I talked Keith into adventuring some more and taking the Yellow Line up Interstate Ave.

We got off a couple of stops too early, but walking was nice, in the sun! And I got to take some photos I would have otherwise missed. Finally made it up to Pause (Alberta St., not Albina St.!)

Click on these for the HUMONGOUS versions.

Anyway, sliders went down realllll nice. Vegetarian for Keith (he gave up meat 01/01), vegan for me. Best hand-cut fries EVER. Salt! Also, the coke was a good washer-downer. 4 thumbs up.

We're in the midst of a Simpsons marathon. Watched Season 5, now on Season 6. These are good ones, smart. For those of you who don't live in Portland, you may not know that many of the characters are named with Portland names. Street names, etc. Ned Flanders, Montgomery Burns (from Montgomery Park), Revered Lovejoy, Sideshow Bob Terwilliger! Look at a map, I'm serious.

Last night laying in bed I was going to that place just before you fall asleep and I told Keith to manifest something in the mail this week.
I said (sarcastically), "You know, pray."
He said, "I don't pray. I just think real hard."

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