Monday, February 6, 2006

Double Post: Los Mochis y Los Glorias

Ah well we are in Los Glorias now, south of Los Mochis. They said they could do wifi, but it´s not working, so no new photos posted. Dang. Soon, I hope; I´m starting to get backed up. Also, these Mexican keyboards are challenging, things in different places.

So we spent last night in a Hooker Hotel according to Keith. I was a little gun shy from our experience in Green Valley ($145 when I thought it was $45), so I opted for cheap. Keith suggests finding the Middle Path next time. $17.50 got us a tiny room in downtown Los Mochis with no hot water and a private bathroom so small you hit your chin on the sink when you sat in the toilet. But it was a place to crash, which we did after walking around town and seeing lots of cool stuff. A concert in the park, etc. Parked our car in a secure lot overnight for only $5, worth not having to worry about it getting stolen. Los Mochis is not bonita. It has a sugar cane processing plant and not much else, just city.

This a.m. we headed south and got to Guasave; a Mexicano next to us in traffic offered to give us directions to Los Glorias. He said his brother was going to be the next mayor of the town; he gave us a business card and said it would help to show it if we encountered any trouble. A Get Out of Jail Free Card. Bueno!!! We´ve met nothing but nice people here.

There´s an Adventure Caravan of retired persons in the RV Park where we are (Mr. Moro´s, see link above). Super friendly people, all. We may stay as long as a week here. Hot showers and laundry, internet (grrrr no wifi...I may burn a CD tomorrow to upload photos). Lots of roadside restaurants, great beach (warmer water), etc. It was foggy when we arrived, but the sun did come out and we heard it was warmer yesterday.

So I´m off to cook dinner, i.e. heat up water for some hummus and beans on tostads. Dinner by sunset overlooking the ocean again. Life is hard.

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Patia said...

I'm really enjoying reading these -- in between fits of jealousy.