Thursday, February 16, 2006

San Blas is always on the edge of something.

We've sequestered ourselves at La Quinta California after our dismal faring vs. The Jejenes. The Mosquitos were not mosquitos after all; they were jejenes. I was just wishing they were mosquitoes. If you want a good histamine rush, book a trip to San Blas during the full moon: when the tides are highest the jejenes are happiest. And Oblivious Gringos like Keith and I are miserable. Last night was perhaps the climax of unbearableness. Rubbing garlic on yourself in the shower, right before bed, hoping that the effect is not purely psychological is a tad depressing.

So fear kept us sequestered in our bungalow the past couple of days. We are catching flak from our neighbors because we never go out and experience San Blas. We sat around the courtyard tonight and learned so much. Our shackles have been broken and we are now ready to see San Blas. This afternoon we discussed extending our stay, provided there is room at the inn. We even walked to town to drop off our laundry and get some comida.

For example, today we ventured to a small beach restaurant where you get a bucket of 7 oz beers for $8 and free food: ceviche and fried fish. It was disgusting and fascinating and delicious depending on who you ask. It was a good Mexico Experience for sure. I took photos and drank tiny Pacificos. It wasn't too bad at all.

Other knowledge gleaned today:
1. Jim Morrison once stayed in San Blas, and allegedly wrote L.A. Woman and Mojo Rising here.
2. There is a section of the King's Road near here.
3. Do not get your hair cut in Mexico.


Knight Of The Storms said...

cool blog man, cool pics ;)
I envy you so much on your unemployed status and freedoom to roam, whish I could do the same

RockO said...

Awesome post...I was right there with you...i have no idea what jejenes are but they sound horrible.
It sounds hot and sweaty just like Mexico should be....and hey at least the beer is cheap!

lance said...

I had to look up jejenes. You must be allergic to them. That article says 1 in 4 are. I've been enjoying the posts and the great pictures!