Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy as an almeja.

Buenas Dias from San Blas
I'm adding the link to my buzznet site. I am not nearly as proficient at this as mi espoza but I try. Right now Ape is making me waffles. I have my coffee and I was extremely lucky last night and I found the only 3 cans of Copenhagen in San Blas...literally. I have been dippin' Skoal Yerbabuena since Nogales. Dios Mio my waffles & fresa are yummy. Today has started magnificently. I made my Guatamalan coffee, took a hot shower, walked the dog, edited some photos, had a chew and now Lazlo and I are enjoying the finest waffles in Nayarit. My hight however was a little less relaxing. They have jejenes (sand fleas) here. They are in full force from about 7p to 11a. These things could kick a chiggers ass. I am the proud owner of a couple hundred jejen bites. I will wear them proudly.

There is a rather nice hotel here with a professionally trained (cordon bleu) chef. She is said to mix autentico mexican cuisine with her French training. I will try to make an introduction. It is hard to stay motivated here. 1L of Anejo rum is $12. The residents of San Blas take 3 things very seriously here. 1...Catholocism. 2...manyana (not the word but what the word stands for). 3...siesta. Most shops close around 12:30 and don't open back up until 17:30. It is easy to lose your train of thought over a cinco hora period. I have made many friends and learned many things about the local cuisine in each town. I have been allowed to photo the comida preparations, and have asked many questions which have been answered with enthusiasism and respect. There are many things here that are hard to wrap my mind around like the fact that they don't refrigerate the eggs. Of all the things I've seen, that is the mildest. I hope all of you have an exceptional day. I know I will.
ps I tend to bulk e-mail so If I double you up with stories forgive me.


RockO said...

I bet lazlo is in heaven! How hot is it right now?

Let's go get some tacos said...

it's in the 70s in our courtyard during the day which is much cooler than out on the beach

maybe up to the 90s during the day? we don't have a thermometer :D

nighttime lows are about 60??