Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Grand Canyon. Eh.

Left early-ish yesterday morning to finish driving through Zion. We timed it just right by complete accident and it was amazing.
Critter count: handfuls of deer, some kind of sheep (big horn?), kaibab squirrels, a bald eagle!, several hawks. Still waiting for lizards and armadillos!

Got up early this a.m. and drove back into the park for sunrise. It was COLD, windy, and there was no sunrise to be found. Too overcast. So, we left. We don't live in the past, we don't think about what could have been... we get in the car and go!

Heading to Tucson today for one last day of getting things done in the US before going south. Looking forward to shorts and chacos and beach.

Lots and lots and lots of photos on Buzznet. Zion wins our favor over the Grand Canyon anyday. At least on the days we were there. Saw some cool stuff between there and here, too, like Virgin, UT. What's up with this place?

Have been giving the Spanish language lessons serious attention. Hablo un poco d'espanol, senor.

Many more photos on Buzznet---check them out!


Patia said...

Fantastic pictures. I am sooooo envious.

lance said...

Sweet photos!