Tuesday, August 1, 2006

I`ll paint you anything.

We (I) started painting the kitchen last night. Keith did almost all of the taping. It started out as fun (Look! Color!) and ended up being tedious--as evidenced by my decline in attention to detail near the end. I've done most of the "cutting in" (Keith is teaching me paint lingo) and today I am going to get my roller on. Before he left for work, Keith warned me not to fall off the step ladder and break my neck. Okay.

countryneal's Box Painting gets its own wall

We are still trying to decide on a color for the living room. The sample we brought home may be too dark. ? However, I nailed the color for the bedroom. I will not ruin the surprise. Don't give it all away up front.

Also on today's agenda: library.

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kntgrl said...

painting ALWAYS seems fun until you start.

I'm stripping. equally mundane!