Thursday, August 24, 2006

a photo essay, sort of

The girl on my left in the coffeeshop is meeting with someone who appears to be her life coach or maybe just a really annoying (in that helpful way) friend. But by his tone I think he's getting paid for the crap he's telling her. I love eavesdropping on people's conversations. Also overheard today: "Because I think you're on drugs!" (a girl walking down the sidewalk, into her cellphone)

One week down on my new drug regimen. No noticeable difference, but I'm still waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

Last weekend we went to the Clackamas Co. Fair and had a fair time.
Keith pretended to be a fireman.

We looked at all the different kinds of chickens.

We saw the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, remembering when we saw it in KC when we were first dating. Oh that was so long ago.

On Tuesday we had a visit from our friends Bob and Roger. (We met them in Mexico. Bob lives south of here, near Roseburg, OR. Roger was in town visiting Bob.)

Bob sells biodiesel. He's a precher for the Church of Biodiesel. We are theoretically converted.

He took us downstairs and up the street to show us his new pump, which he plans to install at his biodiesel station. It was tied with rope into the back of his Mercedes sedan, which (logically) runs on biodisel. Pure vegetable oil, which he buys at Costco for about $3/gallon. So, see, it's do-able. If we had a diesel. Which he offered to help us finance. Oh, like right now I could use another task, especially if that task involves buying and selling automobiles. Uh, maybe later.

My job is going well. I am fairly well trained. It's pretty much the easiest job ever, only emotionally it's taxing. It's difficult to have to constantly put forth the effort to communicate with someone in only Yes or No questions, to de-stress, to encourage another person when I cam barely keep my own self encouraged. But it's what I do. So the other day I snuck my camera in and took a photo of me working in the catacombs of the Powell's warehouse. I'll post a photo of Andy (my boss---the guy with cerebral palsy) and I soon.


RockO said...

the photos are fun. you sound very urban :P...sounded like you were writing from an internet coffee shop where you were listening in to the lame conversation.

kntgrl said...

best overheard line on the number 20 bus......

*spoken with that 'Lakota' accent by some older First Nations gentleman....
"the people want a subway, and they can't even ride a horse"

I love this line!!!

ara said...

speaking of biodiesel...have you seen the al gore movie yet? so scary.

yellowbrickwall said...

i LOVE this pic of you.

i love listening to people's cons , too. the other day i heard, "damnit, you talk so much you make my head explode..." said in the FINEST new york jewish old lady accent.