Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Close encounters

Keith and I have had a lot of visitors lately. Unusual for us, but good. Mom and dad drove 8+ hours one way! to visit us and they brought stuff from storage, which was super appreciated. Now we are starting to feel like we live here. We put our yellow kitchen table by the window so we can be entertained while we eat. Until we get internet, the window is our psuedoTV.

Saturday morning we went to the Portland Market downtown… Dad had to get on the MAX (light rail) with other people; he was very brave. We looked at lots of crafts, ate some food, and people-watched. Dad summed up the morning like this: “I saw more lesbians today than I’ve seen in my life.”

Mom and I dropped by VooDoo Doughnut to get something for Sunday’s breakfast before we got back on the MAX. YUM. (Keith and I shared vegan chocolate with coconut donut and also a vegan sprinkle donut—both excellent; I am really glad about finding them, in fact I am making excuses to find myself in that part of town often.) Saturday evening we went to Halibut’s where Dad ate his second basket (of three) of fish and chips of the weekend. Halibut’s lived up to the expectations and everyone ate delicious eats. I have Sauvie Island corn on the cob and fries and raspberry lemonade (Welcome to Canker Sore City.)

Sunday after breakfast dad and Lazlo took a nap and Mom suggested we go to the ocean. OK! Load up. But it was hot in Portland and we forgot it’s cold on the coast so all of us but mom forgot a jacket. The whole population of Oregon was on the coast. We drove and drove looking for a parking spot near an eating establishment and ended up in Manzanita. After an excruciatingly long wait for our food, we took Lazlo on a run for the beach where he nearly sprained his neck barking his head off at a kite. When it crash landed hard on the beach and Lazlo went sprinting for it, to shake it and break its neck no doubt, and I envisioned him destroying a $7500 kite. The wind was blowing but the sun was out and we all laughed and talked about the last times we had been to the ocean. Super great visit with them overall. It was just in time.

This week's featured visitors: Tamiko & Dani!

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RockO said...

VEGEN CHOCOLATE!!!!! ARe you nuts?!!!