Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Got that itch.

That tattoo itch.

But there are bills to pay first. BORRRRRRING.

I told Keith we should both make appointments for the end of the year. Then we would have something to look forward to. I have my design already. Or the basis of. I would like Whoever to tweak it a little; art it up. So it's like this:
Catrina with black butterflies coming out of her head. And the text "J'ai des papillions noirs tous les jours." Gotta find a font for that.

You know where you can get ANY font: The Internet. Oh Internet how I have missed you. The wi-fi was just not cutting it for me. Everything is so fast now. Praise Comcast.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow. Good. Lookin forward to it.
Here's a preview:

looking west up Burnside


kntgrl said...

I hear ya!

RockO said...

I think you should get a tattoo of rainbow colored dolphins hopping all over the place.