Monday, December 11, 2006

We will surveeeeeeve.

(That's some Tony Clifton for ya. You're welcome.)

Keith and I made it home from Kansas and we're still recuperating from jet lag and lack of sleep and stress, but other than that we're good. We flew Frontier and got live Mapquest® updates of our flight progress in the seat back in front of us: speed, altitude, all of that (also 20+ channels of DirectTV for $5!). Watching the altitude drop as we were approaching the Denver airport, it was going down....6000'....5500'....then all of a sudden: BAM. We've landed. So I guess it's actual sea level, not the plane's altitude... Another reason they won't let me fly planes.

"Can't you just drop us off???"

We had reserved an economy car from Enterprise because when you're driving across Kansas and paying with credit, let's face it...we didn't want to be giving blood to buy groceries when we got back. But when we got there all they had left in the lot were ginormous SUVs. So we picked the one that we were told would get the best gas mileage, and I suppose that 17.5 miles/gallon is considered good gas mileage, I don't think it is. On the upside, gas is only $2.20 in the Midwest, so we saved about $45 there. Driving a 2007 Jeep is quite a bit different than driving the 1992 Jeep we have. (And about $30,000 more. Eeek.) Also, a big shoutout to Rockstar for keeping a girl going driving across flat, coma-inducing Kansas in the middle of the night, staving off white-line fever.

Mia and Lazlo didn't kill each other at boarding/doggie day care, so that was a relief. They had to share a kennel and we weren't sure how that would go. But apparently they are getting along just fine, even unsupervised at night. The people at Virginia Woof were super nice and said they were sad to see Mia and Lazlo go home. I'm sure they tell that to everyone, but still.


kntgrl said...

those dogs love each other already!

that mapquest nearly killed me on the way home from Amsterdam. I swear we were going backwards!

RockO said...

the dog pictures are very sweet.
hope Kansas was fun. Merry Xmas to you and Keith. :)