Sunday, December 3, 2006

Kansas City Here We Come

Searching for music for the trip to the Midwest next week.

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We know from experience that there's nothing that tempers the monotony of driving across Kansas in the winter like good music. My Buzznet peep DJMark has been kind enough to give us several of his playlists from a radio show he does in Santa Barbara called Night Shift at the Thrill Factory, so we have a great mix there. Also got some stuff from Music for Maniacs. And this some from Odeo. Like this:

powered by ODEO

I've been on a Radiohead kick lately. I'm a latecomer, but really getting into them. Especially Easy Star All-Stars reggae covers.

The Internet Hiatus didn't last long. Haven't been reading much. Developments around here have kept us preoccupied. Also doing this 72 hour project thing, which is going so-so. Both cameras had the wrong time/date stamp set so, um, yeah that's something I should have checked before I started!

Made a trip to Costco, bought some pants, tried them on (too big), lost the receipt, found the receipt, lost the receipt again. It may be in the Jeep but if not I'm stuck with (another pair of) pants I can't wear. Okay so why can't Costco have fitting rooms? Wouldn't that greatly decrease the amount of refunds/exchanges they have to process? Not to mention the Customer Annoyance Factor.

So instead of doing anything productive in preparation for the trip we're going to make, Keith is sorting slides and I'm interneting. Stalling. Something. It just feels like a day when you don't do anything and it's ok. We're existing in that world where time is wayyyyyyy slowed down and you know it will eventually catch up, like TiVo, but for now we're stuck.

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freakpowertix said...

my world's still pretty sped up!

if we meet, will that change the earth-time continuum?! 1