Friday, December 15, 2006

We're s-h-o-pp-i-n-g, we're shopping

Tomorrow a.m. we head down to the Saturday market to begin holiday gift shopping. Which I am kinda, surprisingly, looking forward to. I would 100.000x more like to buy arty things from local folks in the open air than spend $$ at a germ-filled, kids-screaming, shoving, panting, confined supermall (Andy's Personal Mecca). With only 4 or 5 people to buy for, it should be fun and quick. Will need fuel from Voodoo Doughnuts to get us started.

Keith just sat down next to me with a spanish rice-black bean-corn-avacado-cheese-tapatio quesadilla. My mouth is waaaaaaaaatering. And I wasn't/am not even hongry.

I put the idea of becoming vehicle-free on the table for discussion this eve. Put pencil to paper and it makes sense. Getting the addiction out of our systems will be the challenge. I figure we can rent a car anytime we need to go to, say, Idaho. And take the bus/MAX to Coscto and take a cab home. Cost effectiveness is paramount. This proposition will be voted on by all non-canine family members in the near future. Canines love cars, and traveling in them. We shall not be swayed by their input.

Saw Charlotte's Web this afternoon with Andy. It was really good. Not Oscar material, but very good. The only thing I missed (from the animated version) was Templeton's song (Paul Lynde!) at the fair. The animal-animation was very believeable, not distracting. And a good cast of voices including Robert Redford. ? Better than Unaccompanied Minors, which I was forced to view earlier this week. (Lewis Black you are dead to me.)

the elevator warped his head!

Keith's co. xmas party was last night. Most enjoyable "company" xmas party I've attended in a while. Ten cool people having dinner at a good restaurant. I had butterbut squash ravioli (vegan, yo) and a greyhound. Mmm good. Good people, Keith works for.


RockO said...

you're making me hungry. so you're really gonna sell the car. think it over. yikes! can always buy a used one for 400 bucks too, if you need too. i admire you for living car free. i'm living car free now...but i haven't sold my bug...even though i haven't driven it in like 3's just a part of me..hard to let it go.

RockO said...

ps. speaking of movies. my mom and i rented the new Miami Vice...we both agreed it was the worst film we had seen a very long made me very angry..they didn't even use the miami vice theme song!! so don't watch that case you were pondering it.