Saturday, February 3, 2007

I missed Groundhog Day.

I thought it was at the end of February. Dang.


The weather's been so nice lately. But today it is raining.

My sister found out she is going to Washington, D.C. for spring break. Chaperoning a bunch of "leadership" kids in middle school. Nerds. She gets a free trip, all the tours, etc. So exciting. It's through this People to People program that Eisenhower created. I said, "Like the Interstates." (The Google.) She said, "Um, sure." Hilarious. (Sidenote: Today I found out that Portland's Sister City is Guadalajara and that Sister Cities International was another Eisenhower project.)

We were supposed to get the Jeep ready to sell this weekend. But now it's raining. I'm not getting my backside wet in the rain vaccuuming out a car.

Can you believe how much canned air is???? $7+/can! Come on, it's AIR. We're cleaning our desktop. And will soon be buying more memory so we can use the webcam. In its current state we get drops in processing due to meltdown. That or sun flares.

~~~~Some Neat Photos I've Seen Lately~~~~

massona, puja

There was a pit bull walk this afternoon. Don't know how many people are going to walk down the Eastbank Esplanade in the rain. Not us. We dropped out of the group, but we have an open invitation to participate in it. I'm not really that comfortable with it. After we had the biting incident(s) with Mia we had some very harsh comments from them. I don't need that.

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RockO said...

i missed groundhogs day too.