Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm so efficient. It's almost like I'm an adult.

Taxes filed. Refunds will arrive post-haste.
FAFSA filed.

For 4 colleges because I just want to see sumthin. I'm possibly possibly, if everything lines up (oh and if I am accepted--important), attending the Oregon College of Art & Craft this fall. They have a 2-year book arts program that makes my mouth water. Okay, how could a program with both book and arts in it not be great? Come on.


One of the other colleges I listed on the FAFSA was Reed. It's just for laughs, though, because even if we could afford a $35,000/year!! tuition bill, I would be too intimidated by the other students:

Reed is a highly selective four-year college with a reputation for delivering a strong academic experience, for attracting a highly intellectual student body, and for generating an unusually high percentage of graduates who go on to earn Doctoral degrees. --Wikipedia

Still, I dream. In another life. That life where I earn my Ph.D.
Plus, their mascot is the griffin!!!! That's reason enough.

the majestic griffin

...back to regular programming...

So, maybe I can turn this book arts certificate (I don't need another degree and accompanying loans; see: Reed) into a way to escape the formal economy.
Photo skillz + book making skillz = ?

This plan, aka Operation Not Becoming a Working Stiff, has been the focus of our daydreaming lately. Both of us hating our jobs and all. We've concocted a 5-year plan henceforth referred to as Our List of Demands. Included on our LoD agenda is finding a new place to live, a new way to pay for things that require money, and a way to visit Mexico as often as possible. This is the More Mature & Responsible Plan which, Mom and Dad will be glad to hear, replaced our first plan of Total Expatriation.

The ease of going to Mexico often is (mostly) directly related to the distance we have to travel to get there. Plus we've come to a consensus (it takes two yes votes) that we need to live somewhere with more sunshine. I'm really liking the atmosphere of Portland (the city where everyone has a side project: the bartender-by-night/ artist-by-day schtick) and the proximity of nature-like settings, and the things that come with most larger cities as related to dietary concerns (Whole Paycheck, etc.), but the rain is the rain on our parade. It's not wrist-slitting bad (maybe because I'm medicated), but it does get old. And cold. And wet. And the dogs aren't big fans either.

So: more sunshine, closer to Mexico. We're not California types, despite being liberal vegetarian/vegan environmentalists---wow, why aren't we moving to CA?? No, no CA. I instantly thought of Arizona but I haven't been there other than our trip through Phoenix et al on our way down to Mexico last year and that was Less Than Pleasant to say the least. So I posted a plea for inspiration on the city-data forum and rec'd a list of places to check out including Flagstaff, AZ (eh), Bisbee, AZ (eh), Show Low, AZ (eh), and Silver City, NM (hmmm). The search continues.

On the job front, my replacement will begin training in the next couple of weeks so we're looking at March... Keith just got benefits @ his job and he's not digging it all that much, but I told him to at least take advantage of the insurance he's paying for. When I called and found out that my refill Rx was only going to be $10 because of the insurance Keith reminded me that we pay about $300/month to insure us both, so really--not saving money. But if he gets in there and racks up the dental/medical/acupuncture services we could make some progress. I think I will have to take the initiative and call some Dr.s for him. I do the legwork around here; he's The Closer.

On our dogwalk yesterday we saw this great car parked on the street north of Couch Park. Its rustiness was like a siren song.

It also reminded us of Fozzie's Studebaker (a bear in his natural habitat).

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