Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

My sister came to visit this weekend...

outside of our building

waiting for the bus; going to The Bins!!

The panorama wasn't used as much as promised. But I did get a couple good ones. (see above)

We did Voodoo Doughnut twice. Laughing Planet once (mmmmm burritos!). And The Bins!!!! Amanda is converted. She got about 30 small toys for her treasure chest in her classroom + 8 or 9 shirts for less than $10 all together. We hiked up to Washington Park/The Rose Garden. Another panorama opportunity. (see below)

a view of the city from Washington Park

Lazlo and Mia got good workouts both days. But they're still wrassling around like eeeeediots.

The elevator is broken. Again. And there was a fire alarm at midnight last night. The ambiguously gay Asian? man on the second floor had an altar of fruit m candles, and incense burning an a table blocking his door in the hallway under the fire sprinkler. We've had a handful of false alarms since we've moved in and never a real fire. So many that we will likely burn to a crisp one night thinking it's another false alarm. This morning there a container of salt on either side of his doorway. And rice all over the main entry way downstairs.

Probably this rice that he left in the hallway in December.

Amanda's off back to Coeur d'Alene tomorrow morning and Keith and I go back to the salt mines.

We bought tickets for Son Volt at the very cozy Crystal Ballroom!!!!! So excited. 3/28

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