Sunday, February 11, 2007

Other people cause me stress.

We decided to take the dogs on a good looooooong walk today. So we headed up to Forest Park/Lower Macleay Park. It's another large park (in addition to Washington Park) that is within walking distance and we'd never been there. It's at the end of Thurman, and with the blocks being named in alphabetic order Thurman-Burnside=18 blocks. Plus we serpentined. So it was even farther than that.

But I didn't know it's Forest Park's most used entrance. Everyone and their off leash dogs were there. Sprinkle in a few out of control toddlers and 2 dashes of (on leash) pit bull and you get Stress Soup. Mia is doing excellent with her Leave It training and only acted up a couple of times. It was close quarters on the trail and both of our dogs were the best behaved on the trail. Hello, people: Keep Your Dog On Leash means EVERYONE. It stresses our dogs out when they have to be on leash around dogs that aren't.

It was nice to be out in nature. We kind of took it for granite in Missoula where you could be in relative solitude within a few minutes. Here in the city it's not so easy.

We could hear water running and check out all the green lush plants. It was storybook Pacific Northwest up there. But it got a little congested so we turned around.

To the little boy running down the trail flapping your arms and then stopping right in front of our dogs: You look like a duck when you do that. Lazlo loves to chase ducks. If he could catch one he would probably break its neck. So don't do that. Okay, thanks.

Portland's Forest Park is the largest forested city park
in the United States covering 5,000 acres.

Our friend Bob (who we met in Mexico one year ago) just stopped by. He and his daughter Starlight are getting ready to spend 5 weeks in San Blas. We are so so jealous. He always shows up unannounced and he's always welcome.
Keith sent our old digital camera with Starlight to take photos. It's on its last leg, so if it makes it back GREAT, in not No Big Deal.

So our afternoon schedule was thrown a little off course. If we hurry we can still get a nap in.


kntgrl said...

Glad Lazlo didn't get a 'duck' today.
When off lease dogs come running up to Yoshi, I usually let him out a bit to bare his teeth and cause a scene with them. It usually does the trick!

muah ha haaaaa

stephen said...

I've had a few "words" with irresponsible dog-owners (there are few bad dogs, just bad owners) over the years, so I can relate. Bella, my pitbull-lab mix, would have loved to run leash-free all the time but I kept her on a short leash around ohter dogs...woulda felt really bad if a smaller dog provoked her. But I never felt bad letting go of the leash when an unleashed dog of her size came around.