Saturday, April 7, 2007

Back again?

Keith and I have been discussing revising our List of Demands. We've been thinking about time, how no one is guaranteed a certain amount of it, and that if being happy is proportionately related to being around people you love, maybe Kamiah deserves a second look on our Map of Potential Places to Relocate.

There are pro's and con's, but in Keith's Dream World he would have coffee with Gary on the front porch in the morning. Every morning. Well, maybe 5 out of 7 mornings.

My parents want to know if I will be happy in Kamiah. I told them I have never lived in Kamiah and been a happy person. Therefore I can't be objective about a future event where the circumstances will be different (post-Rx, etc.)... I hope so. I hope that I could overlook the trivial annoyances of small town life and learn to love the benefits of small town life. I think that's a delicate balance. And I think that if Keith and I could incorporate certain things into our List of Demands that would make small town life easier, it would be quite do-able. I'm thinking self-employment...

I think one of the perks, though, of living in a small town like Kamiah is reading the Law Enforcement Dispatch Log in the local paper, excerpted here (bolds and italics mine):

Tuesday, March 27

9:16 – Winchester man fears he may have been scammed after giving a down payment for an adjustable bed that is priced at $5,287.

18:25 – Nezperce woman wants to file a report against a neighbor who, every time she is in her kitchen, he steps into his carport, grabs himself inappropriately then attempts to gratify himself. This has been going on for about three months and she would like something done about it.

Wednesday, March 28

11:07 – Tree fallers report the discovery of 19 old sticks of dynamite while working on a project near the Greer Grade Road.

Thursday, March 29

21:09 – Kamiah man reports that his next-door neighbors have been riding their ATVs around his house all day long and he is tired of it.

Saturday, March 30

11:25 – Report of suspicious and possibly violent man seen standing behind some dumpsters in Craigmont, drinking a cup of coffee and, when he bent over, his pants fell down.

Tuesday, March 27

19:31 – Report of a suspected prowler after a Kamiah woman returned home to discover a guy on her property. She wants an officer to come over and shine a light on him.

Come on, doesn't that sound like a fun place to live??

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