Saturday, April 21, 2007

Stay put.

Ah, the weekend, how I love thee.

Laid down to take a nap and it's been raining the whole time. The trip to our friends' house for dinner may involve raingear/provisions. And I need to make some cookies!

My first week at work wrapped up smoothly--one more week of "training" and then we get our very own cubicle corners. Hooray. Or something. By Friday I was so low on clothes (been a laundry drought 'round these parts) that I wore the skirt I got at the bins--and it turned out to be one of the most comfortable things I own! I could totally be a Pentacostal! har

Last week our Vietnamese neighbor (who set off the fire alarm with the incense in the hallway--found out his name is Austin) asked Keith to help him move some things this weekend. Keith ended up coming back from the guy's apartment to get me.... We are seriously considering checking into moving into his apartment when he moves back to Vietnam in October. His apartment was laid out differently than ours: the bedroom is bigger with 2! full closets, more windows (that face into the center of the building, not noisy ol' Burnside!) and best of all: a small patio. Now, not really a patio. Just you can straddle the window to climb out into an area that is like an atrium with no roof... plants, hammock!, etc. out there. A good place to sit outside and talk in the summer. And basically private. Right now an older black woman lives on the other side, but I don't see her crawling out the window to get out there. Also, hopefully cheaper rent. He said he pays $100/month less than we do. Moving down two floors instead of across town, maybe cheaper rent, these things might help us save up more/quicker for the move.

A couple of hours after we'd helped him carry huge brass incense burners and other brass stuff downstairs (in the elevator) we were sleeping when I heard a knock on the door. It was Austin. He brought us a package of Vietnamese sausages and a Vietnamese broom to thank us for helping him.

Keith just told me we're supposed to be at our friends' @ 7! That leaves me no time to make cookies! Grrrr...

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RockO said...

cute skirt.
i also like the wooden thingy you have in the kitchen...looks like a treasure found in mexico.

move sounds good....hey if you can get a hammock....lots of plants and some privacy OUTSIDE...doesn' get much better.