Saturday, April 7, 2007

Recovery Saturday

I think it was after 4 am when I last looked at PGE's clock, right before sleep.

Go Griz!

Made it to the Bagdad last night, a little fault for apparently turning off the alarm although I don't remember doing that. They sell advance tickets to people with tables, so luckily Jon (friend from Keith's work) and his friends Jesse & Katie were there already and added us to their tab, so we were sure to get in...there was talk of the movie selling out, but it didn't seem as full as Office Space's showing last month. Then we found Patricio (another co-worker of Keith's, from Chile) inside. He made a point of telling Keith that he was there at TEN.

We finally all got seats inside and proceeded to laugh, clap, holler our way through the first 1/3 of the movie. Then it was time for the second reel and the whole theater was confused (not at first, though) when the image on the screen was upside down and running backwards. It kept running like that for about 10 minutes. (Keith said he's only ever seen that in a theater one other time...) Then they put on the house lights and said the movie was canceled because the reel was wrapped wrong. Not a popular announcement. There were many people there under varying degrees of mind-altering substances (alcohol included) and these good people were expecting another good hour or so to come around, so now they are told that it's over and they have to go outside and deal with the world. Keith said the kid sitting down on the bench by the men's bathroom rocking back and forth softly while stroking his own legs from thigh to calf was probably not going to fare well out on the streets.

But Jon, Patricio, Keith, Jesse, Katie and I stood out in the lobby and talked about when we should get together next. Just met Jesse & Katie tonight and they were inviting us to their house for dinner. Good people. Also childfree. Also with 2 dogs. Just moved here from PA, so they are much enjoying the spring weather here. It's nice to meet people, especially other couples, that are easy to talk to, on the same level, etc...

Keith is out getting orange juice. It's looking like an ├╝berlazy weekend. We might take a bus for our Sunday adventure tomorrow. Our Buzznet friend Steve just moved over to the St. Johns area and said it's super nice. Wildlife, etc. And, of course, the St. Johns Bridge.

St. Johns is named in honor of settler James John, who laid out the original eight block town site in 1865. He reportedly was a recluse, which inspired the population to address him as "Saint" John. (An alternate version of the story says that he never visited the local brothel, and that's why he was called "Saint" John.) The site eventually became a rival to other Willamette River townsites vying to become the Head of Navigation on the upper Willamette. St. Johns was originally a separate incorporated city, annexed by Portland in 1915. (Wikipedia)

Also, another 72-hour photo project is underway. I got a late start, but it's ON!

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