Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I have a crush on my new job.

(I'm just going to call it Initech to keep things simple and to keep myself from getting Dooced.)

Really, pretty good benefits. In addition medical/dental/vision/life insurance, sick and vacation time, and all of those standards I haven't had in so long, I get: to pick my own schedule (weekends off!), various discounts (Costco, car rental, Dell, Microsoft, etc.), paid time off for perfect attendance (4 hrs a month)...

Plus, in the cafeteria/breakroom/lounge: a pool table, foosball, 2 pinball machines and a Ms. Pacman ($.50), 2 XBoxi, cable TV, internet (for personal email, etc.).

Casual dress code: Chacos, jeans and Tshirts oh my.

30 min on the MAX + a 5-10 min walk on either end.

One of the downsides: no photos. [Insert sad face.] Cameras, cell phones, text messaging, all banned. All of the other things above, though, pretty much outweigh not being able to get work pics. Also a downside: cubicle--4 to a box, each of us facing a corner. I'm thinking of making a sign for my area that says Travis "Cue" Bickle. Do you think anyone will get it? Also, I am going to print out a poster (Rasterbator) of Mia & Lazlo. Yay, I love decorating. (not really)

Also, I can change departments every 6 mos. This, I am not so sure about. There is at least one other department I would want to work for (Adobe Tech Support), but over there you have to bid for your preferred shift and that would mean working a weekend day likely. The pro to that department is that you can borrow software (including PhotoShop, InDesign, Illustrator, DreamWeaver, etc.) and install them on your home computer. !! Might be worth working on the weekend for 6 months and then transfer back.

So my new job is: reviewing internet ads. Advertisers pay to have their ads come up in the "sponsored sites" areas...

new job

We have to check each ad, make sure there are no misspellings, grammatical errors, that the links are good, that there is no "objectionable" content. Etc. So yeah: surfing the internet all day and keeping track of it in a spreadsheet. All while listening to whatever I want on my mp3 player... What a great job. Can you see why I have a crush on it?

PLUS: I have seen more diversity at Initech than I've seen in all of Portland so far. There is even a transgendered person in my training group. A great variety of minorities, people with disabilities, people of all sizes and ages. It seems like a pretty good place to work.


RockO said...

cool....that's a big accomplishment..finding a job you like...and even with transgendered person!!! go diversity university.

i think this pot makes me think like a valley girl. bad.

Anonymous said...

where do you find a job like that bro, can you name a few companies to get an idea...

KBAB said...

If you are the same person who contacted me through I responded that way.