Friday, April 6, 2007

Some thoughts to get out

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(a catchy new song I heard on the Hype Machine and have been singing ever since)

Had an interview today; was hired on the spot. Start a week from Monday. Boring cubicle jockey job proofreading internet ads. Hmm. FT with benefits. Okay. So I'm really wanting to get a little spy cam like Keith's so I can subvertphoto my new workplace. I get a badge. I think that's a bad thing. Pros: no new clothes to go out and buy (casual dress, that's me), I don't have to talk to people on the phone, it's on the MAX line, 2 days off in a row for sure, still get to go to the coast in June. Cons: probably not Sat/Sun off (Keith thinks this is a Deal Breaker with his current employer and he may soon be job-transient), 45+or- minute commute (click to see route--check out this new Google Maps feature) 2x daily (also a pro--reading time!). Today the fare checkers were on the MAX. Luckily I had bought an all-day'er. Dude almost wrote this kid a $100 ticket for no proof of fare. Harsh!

...waiting for the MAX...

Keith's shucking the nicotine monkey and therefore has sometimes been unpleasant to live with these past few days. These moments are rare and far between (see: sarcasm), but they are unpredictable and hilarious because whatever it is that he gets mad about seems insignificant to me. But he's serious about it. I volunteered to make him an acupuncture appt. And then I told him he should get rolf'ed. He said maybe.

civic progress (from the backside)

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kntgrl said...

congrats employed girl....mmmmm rolfing!

you look slimmer since veganism......don't fade away on us!!