Friday, November 10, 2006

everydayisagoodday everydayisagoodday everydayisagoodday everydayisagoodday

Especially if it's a payday Friday and you only work a half day.
a good day.

These are from a couple of days ago (when it wasn't raining!).

Paper-making class went awesome and we are going back this weekend. After that we plan to buy a deckle and start our own little recycled paper sweatshop. If you get a card from us this year it will be on handmade-blood-and-sweat-infused recycled paper. We're all about the recycling this year. Went to SCRAP and loaded up with stuff. Total= $3.50!

Movie theme has shifted. We didn't stay on roads/interstates/byways long. Now we are on States. So far we have watched:
  • My Own Private Idaho--I had never seen it, but it's Van Sant and since we are in Portland.... (he lives in Portland). But it's distracting to watch a movie that's filmed in a city you are familiar with because you're always trying to figure out where they are. [Same thing with Drugstore Cowboy. Only Keith and I walked by the Drugstore Cowboy house the other day---it's in our neighborhood! It's on the National Historic Register. And it's for sale.] I really didn't care for Keanu Reeves's character's actions at the end. But overall, good movie. Also starring the late great (fellow vegan) River Phoenix.
  • Mississippi Mermaid--Catherine Deneuve plays a mail-order bride. Drama ensues. Best thing about this film is the scenery: Reunion Island. Someone on Buzznet actually lives there!
Next up (this weekend): North to Alaska and Nevada Smith. Oh yeah. You can't go wrong with some John Wayne and Steve McQueen. Seriously, you can't.

And Keith saw that Season 6 of The Sopranos was out on DVD so we ended up watching 3 hours of that last night. Once you start, you can't stop.

It's a good weekend for indoor activities, says the Weather Channel:
In addition to rain rain rain rain, WINDS COULD ALSO GUST TO AT LEAST 60 MPH .

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