Monday, November 27, 2006

papillon wasn't the best day. If you know me then you'll know what I'm sayin'. I did however have a moment of clarity. I was rolling a 2-wheeler of PW5500's (don't ask), from the warehouse into shipping and a butterfly landed on me. Now remember, it's 32° and snowing outside. This caused me to stop and contemplate...for about 15 seconds, anyway. WTF. I disregarded this almost as fast as it happened. My work day ended and home I went. We took the dogs for a walk and then I went to the store. On the way home I ran into "Cowboy". One of the local homeless dudes. We had a short chat, I gave him my gloves and $5. He said "God Bless". I didn't. I went home and started a load of laundry and walked into the trash room. There was the usual junk and a couple of board games. One of them was Rummikub. If you haven't played before then you should because it kicks ass. I took it upstairs to show April my score. She laughed, like she always does when I scavenge something from the "heap". She opened it and along with the game pieces there was a notepad outlined with insects. It is one of those pads with a magnet on the back so you can hang it on your frig. Written on the top piece of paper was this message. "To whom it may concern: if today an insect lands on you, then you'll know that this note is for you. The end." I have been incredibley lucky lately. I got to see my best friends, I got a new dog and everyday I get closer to the person I want to be. Thanks for reading. kb

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RockO said...

WOW! That is crazy awesome. what a very cool cool moment. :)

by the way. just wanted to say thanks up for the cat/griz game info...i wanted to write you and thank you. i ended up not doing anything for it...bummer. cats lost.

.....but the butterfly thing. i'm so glad you wrote about that.